Smart Watches and Wristbands Will Unlock Windows 10

A few hours ago during Computex 2016, Microsoft took the stage to demonstrate even more possibilities with its current platform, Windows 10.

In the presentation, the company showed that it will soon be possible to use the Windows Hello feature via wearable devices, for example using a Nymi Band fingerprint reader to securely log in to a PC, Wearable function as a kind of remote credential.

Windows Hello has been introduced to the world as one of the great new features of Windows 10 to make it easier to access sensitive information using biometrics instead of passwords , but it has not yet become so popular because of its hardware compatibility limitations.

The new possibility of use with wearables is present in the system thanks to Windows Hello Companion Device Framework, which as its name already says, will be able to rely on third-party devices to authenticate information or unlock PCs running Windows 10.

This is one of several Redmond initiatives to reduce the use of passwords, relying on slightly more dynamic alternatives such as biometrics.

Windows Hello already supports login through peripherals such as the Kinect of Xbox One , and according to rumors, you can also rely on the Cortana virtual assistant to unlock machines and fill in passwords through the voice recognition.

Imagine being able to fill out entire forms, log into your PC, access your email or confirm payments simply by using your watch or smart bracelet?It is the future happening before our eyes!