The technology in the manufacturing of shoes has changed a lot for some time here. This wave of the sneaker have to gangrenous foot is gone.
Logical that can’t be sneaker Samba in the foot, but then trying to compress the foot inside a shoe with two (or even three) numbers below is crazy. No matter how you wear, the important thing is to feel (reasonably) well withtransporthint¬†(a climbing shoe will never be comfortable, however the climber should feel good and, above all, safe with her).
See, try, walk across the store, Stomp, search for “climbing” or stay on the tip of the foot before you buy your shoe.
Some tips to conserve the sneaker (tips on a climber that ressola shoes in Rio de Janeiro):
-A shoe well cared for can be 5 or even 6 times ressolada.
-The durability of the shoe is directly related to the durability of leather. So, who’s wearing a half scale, avoid skin contact with the leather and shoe lasts longer.
-Small tears in leather or small seamless snippets should be quickly retired, avoiding the problem increase and make impossible a fix of good quality.
-Avoid leaving wet sneaker in his backpack. Remove mud, sand, gravel and other objects of the shoe before putting, to preserve the leather.
-Send the sneaker to the ressola before it detonates.
Softening the shoes:
When you buy the shoe, do the following:
1) immerse the pump in the water for a few minutes, to the leather be well soaked.
2) let it dry in the shade and in cold environment (for example, in a corner of the kitchen, away from the stove and any source of heat).
3) every hour, take the shoe and hope, on the one hand and on the other (like twisting a towel) and front and back of the shoe (twisting and forcing the ends up and down).
4) Leave from one day to another, always repeating the previous steps-including watering.
When I go to stone, she will be more “tension”.