Sofa And Cushions: An Inseparable Duo

The cushions can leave the couch more beautiful and creative or make it erased. Check out the tips of professionals.

Everything Combined?

Cushions and sofas are like this: a partnership that worked so well that it looks more like they were invented together. However, the cushions can leave the couch more beautiful and creative or make it erased. Architecture professionals bring tips to those who do not want to go wrong

There are combinations that become so perfect. Have you stopped to think how bland the cheese is without guava? Can you imagine a circus without a clown? And football without a ball? As the song ‘I’m so without you’ says, which became famous in the voices of the pair Claudinho and Buchecha, there are things that do not exist without others. This seems to apply to the double sofa with cushions. They seem to give life and grace to him and both to the room.

“The cushions color, add textures, prints or, simply, more comfort and coziness . When a sofa does not have cushions, it is seriously damaged, “says architect Estela Netto. The architect also Adriana Moraia, agrees and adds: “Through the cushions, we can give identity to the sofa. They cancomplement the design of this furniture or create contrast. ”

The architect Estela Netto explains that the pillows have the power to color, give textures, provide more comfort and coziness. When a sofa does not have cushions these elements are seriously impaired.

But to use this pair, you have to have good taste and care. Adriana gives some tips. “When the cushion is not part of the sofa model, the fabric should be different, including to create contrast between the textures. A good idea is to match leather cushions with other , more rustic cotton cushions , or mixpatterned / striped fabrics with plain fabrics. If the sofa has a more classic and sophisticated design, you can use silk or velvet cushions. On sofas with details in natural fiber , a good option is to use crochet or linen pillows, “he teaches.

Many people also have doubts regarding the amount of pillows that can be placed on the couch. But that will depend a lot on the style of this piece of furniture. “If the sofa has a more stripped design, you should use several cushions to give comfort. If it has cleaner design, with straight lines, and about two meters wide, you can use two or three pillows . Now, if the sofa is more than two meters , it is best to use two cushions on one side and three on the other . It is beautiful to use still use cushions with different formats, “explains Adriana.

Adriana Moravia points out that the use of many cushions should be avoided because it pollutes the decor and provides some discomfort (the cushions act as obstacles for people sitting on the sofa).

Estela Netto notes that the color of the cushions is determined by the nuances of décor and also by the repertoire of the client.

The wrong choice of cushions can detract from the design of the sofa, so in doubt the ideal is to have the help of a professional. “The cushions can hide the model of the sofa or enhance the design of this furniture,” says Estela.