Sony Will Launch Hybrid USB Flash Drives to Satisfy Our Smartphones

by | June 3, 2017

Why had nobody invented it before? This is the question that comes to mind to see new USB drives from Sony, which reinvented to adapt to market fastest growing in the consumer electronics, mobile devices of.

We already knew that the majority of our Android devices accept external memories, but until now it was necessary to use a converter to connect our memories with standard USB port, thing that Sony wants to avoid with its new hybrid memories USB/microUSB.

As we see in the image, pendrive to use and with a good design is the House brand, but do have a double connector: on the one hand the typical USB 2.0, and on the other a microUSB 2.0 that will like you much to our smartphones and tablets.

Obviously, there will be capacity for all tastes, from 8 to 32 GB, and their prices will be positioned between 20 and 63 dollars respectively. They will be available in the middle of the month of January, and obviously necesaritaran to operate in them, our Android devices are compatible with USB On-The-Go.

We no longer have excuses for not moving any important information or our collections of multimedia smartphones or tablets, although we see the reception of these new drives in the current landscape, more synchronization of files with the cloud-oriented and Google engaged in making it possible.