Sony Xperia Z and Its Possible Problem of Sudden Death, Analyzing The Case

We have recently experienced something similar with the sudden deaths of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, perhaps that is the reason why the alarm has spread so quickly among users of the flagship of Sony, Xperia Z, He could apparently also suffering from a problem of this type.

Xataka Android we want to inform you as best we can, so before jumping the alarm unnecessarily We contacted Sony Mobile España order to bring you as much as possible to the reality of this bug in the Sony Xperia Z.

As it seems, and is confirmed in international forums of Sony Mobile company has detected a software error that could lead to sudden shutdowns the device, which then would not respond to do a reset. The problem will be rectified with the next update that will soon reach the Xperia Z, and thread opened by this bug in the Sony support so you can follow from the source link.

Sony Mobile España did not want to position itself at the moment, although we have indicated that they expect an official statement from your global section that it will make us get as soon as they can. In addition, they have recognized that effectively in the global section is no evidence of the error and they are working on it.

At the moment we have to calm, and it is that the problem is apparently very secluded, Although time has not been determined with certainty affected pullings, nor which or which software versions would also be in jeopardy.

The various forums and communities have also warned that the list of affected is minimal, and if this were little, the vast majority they get to turn on the terminal, forcing the reset with the combination of buttons “on + volume up”.

With this, you could talk about time of a problem sudden shutdowns, and no sudden deaths, that has all the earmarks of the originating device power management.

As soon as we have official information from Sony or let us know when and how the expected update will be released we will watch to alert you instantly. Have you had problems with your Xperia Z?