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By | January 1, 2023

A member state of the United States of America. Located in the central region of the North of the country, the state of South Dakota covers an area of ​​196 576 km2 and has a population of 766 500 (2004).

It borders the states of North Dakota, to the north; Minnesota and Iowa to the east; Nebraska to the south and Wyoming and; Montana to the west. The capital is Pierre. The South Dakota is located in the northern Great Plains, at the contact of “the high plains” (to the west), high trays carved by the Missouri valley, and low the central plains, formed by the quaternary glaciers and surpassed, in the northeast, Moraines of the Missouri slope. The west of the state is formed of arid land (Badlands).

Extreme to the west, in the vicinity of Rochosos, the Black Hills (“Black Hills”) are created, consecrated mountains of the Sioux, culminating at 2 207 m of altitude and dominant of about 1 200 m the surrounding plains. The state is drained by the Missouri and its main tributaries (Moreau, Cheyenne, James, White). And the great lakes are artificial water retentions over Missouri (Lake Oahe, Lake Francis Compartment). The climate is continental, marked by strong seasonal thermal contrasts. Snowstorms are frequent in winter. The western part of South Dakota, located west of the 100th meridian, is in semi-arid conditions. At the beginning of colonization, the essential part of the region was covered with natural meadows.

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South Dakota is a US state and is located in the north of the country. The state is one of the classic prairie states in the United States. Today there are several Indian reservations here. The capital of South Dakota is Pierre, but the largest city is Sioux Falls. There are many rivers running through South Dakota.

Indians, prairie and a lot of history – nature and people together

The history of the American Indians is often sad, and many of those sad events are also associated with South Dakota.

Originally, South-Dakota and North-Dakota were one state. After the division, South Dakota was incorporated into the United States in 1889. This makes South Dakota the 40th state.

After the admission to the USA, the indigenous people were increasingly displaced from their original areas. Many of the areas were subsequently flooded by the construction of dams and have thus disappeared.

The Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park is located in the southwest of South Dakota and is named after the Badlands, a specific type of landscape. The badlands are unsuitable for farming and many other types of farming, hence the name badlands – bad land.

Many species of animals and plants live in the national park and can be observed along the paths. Since the area has been inhabited for a long time and has always been inhabited by nature, researchers keep finding fossils and remains of living things and civilizations here.

The Wind-Cave National Park

The Wind-Cave National Park is located in the west of the state and is named after the caves that take on impressive shapes here. They are shaped by the strong wind that sweeps through the landscape and reach great lengths and unusual shapes.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

South Dakota is also called Mount Rushmore State. This is where the famous Mount Rushmore Memorial is located. The faces carved into the stone of the mountain come from the important US Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The monument is extremely well known and everyone knows the picture even if he or she has never been there. It appears again and again in films and television and is a landmark and a symbol for the history of America and of course also for South Dakota.

Public Libraries in South Dakota by County