SP City Hall Wants to include Bike Paths on Google Maps

The City of São Paulo wants the city’s bicycle network to be included in Google Maps, the most consulted mapping tool in the world.

The initiative, unprecedented in Brazil, would not bring costs to the municipal administration and cyclists would have easier access to the route of all bike paths in the state capital.

With the inclusion of bicycles in Google Maps, cyclists could choose the best routes to pedal and combine different modes of transport, since the tool offers options for walking, car, subway and bus routes.

For this, the City Hall would need to provide the maps of the cycle routes, while the multinational would be responsible for developing the data.

“We are going to make the request to Google, so that people know how to move around in the city,” confirmed Mayor Fernando Haddad during the inauguration of a bicycle path in Jardim Helena, São Miguel Paulista region, Thursday, 23.

The report found, however, that the City has already contacted the multinational, but the negotiations are still in an early stage.

Google’s advisory confirms that the company has an interest in the initiative, but says it has not received any official communication from the City. Therefore, there is no date for the road map of São Paulo to be available in Google Maps.

One of the concerns of the multinational is that the cycle network planned by the current administration is constantly expanding and should only be completed by December 2015, which would require frequent updates of the tool.

Around the world, more than 20 countries-including Germany, England, France and Canada-and more than 150 cities in the United States already have bike paths available on Google Maps.


Mayor Fernando Haddad inaugurated the 100-kilometer bike path built by his management on the morning of this Thursday, in the eastern zone of São Paulo. With this, the City Hall has already fulfilled 25% of the established goal of 400 kilometers of equipment in the city.

During the 8-mile stretch, Haddad said he expects to triple the number of cyclists in the city.”Today, São Paulo has 500 thousand cyclists, approximately, but it would be reasonable to have 1.5 million.

It will improve the health of Paulista, the air we breathe and the time of people’s movement. It’s an opportunity to rethink urban life,”he said.