Step-By-Step How To Make Spikes And Tacks Bracelet

by | July 26, 2017

The spike and pin strap bracelets are very successful this year 2012. The models range from bolder to more discreet compositions and some even have a more romantic and feminine touch.

Tacks Bracelet 1

These bracelets can be combined into day or night looks and look great when coordinated in a mix of bracelets of different types and colors.The idea of ​​wearing several bracelets together is also on the rise this year.

To get into the fashion of these accessories, we decided to make our own spike and thumb tack bracelets. The whole process is very simple and is not time consuming. And best of all, homemade wristbands can cost anywhere from 40% to 60% less than a wristband bought ready at a retail store.

To make the spikes bracelets you will need: 10 to 13 spikes and bases to stick them on, a three-dimensional 3D glue and a little bit of silicone wire. Spikes and tacks cost an average of R $ 0.50 each. The glue for around $ 4.00 and the silicone wire can cost up to less than $ 1.00. You can find materials in stockpile stores or materials to make accessories.See the picture below the material we use.

Tacks Bracelet 3

The first step is to glue the spikes to the bases, being careful not to leak too much out of the base. If it leaks a little, wipe it with a cotton swab. After that, allow them to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Then grab the silicone yarn and cut a piece that gives to curl 2 times on your wrist and that on to tie the two ends quietly. Pass the wire through the spikes and place them all on your wristband. When finished, tie the silicone wire giving 5 knots tightened so they do not come loose.

You can also do the same process with tacks that do not need gluing on the base-those that come with the right space to pass the silicone wire. The process for making the stud bracelets is basically the same, but with the ease of not needing to glue the parts together.

Tacks Bracelet 2

The bracelets vary in size depending on the wrist of each one, so keep an eye on the time to buy the materials. Slimmer wrists may need only 10 spikes or tacks, while wider wrists may need up to 14 pieces. See below how the final result of the spikes and tacks made by following our step-by-step instructions.

Now that you already know how to make your own fashion bracelets, you can make them home and assemble your own mix of bracelets, what’s up?