Steal the style: Natasha beads and statement necklaces

Pearl necklace is and will be one of my favorite halskæder. That is why I have it often when we take pictures to Curves Ahead and Instagram. Every time I asked where the necklace is from.

it’s an older case from Accessorize, as they have not had it in their range since. The other day I came across a couple of Pearl halskæder, who is not quite the same but nevertheless recalls. And they may well meet the needs of my Pearl Necklace covers for me.

Here is the neck-chains with pearls, which I fell over with Pieces – in fact, I am even tempted to buy them both, as I well know that my beloved necklace don’t keep


necklace with many beads, 249.95 USD + shipping, Pieces

Fixed necklace with two gems, 159.95 USD + shipping, Pieces

reason why the necklace with beads are among my favorites, is that it is very classic and therefore can give a little neat edge to my clothes. Because it is neutral in its look, it can seamlessly matched with anything. I use it often for my blouses with black and white stripes for a classic look, but it is also the necklace, that can be a pair of jeans and a ddress white t-shirt up.

New necklaces to the collection
Parent hears necklaces to among my favorite accessory, as a necklace may give a little edge to any outfit. At the same time, the right necklace the accessories that can make a simple dress ready for party.

based on it, I had a fantastic shoppinglørdag. My local Monsoon/Accesorize store on amagertorv on Strøget in Copenhagen have sale with up to 70 percent discount. Who smoke a few neck basement with home respectively to 89 kr and 59 it as what one might call a udsalgskup.

Unfortunately, neck chains no longer on Monsoons website, but I think you must have the tipped anyway in case you get past one of their businesses, which are also to be found in Aarhus, Odense, in Frederiksberg and Copenhagen’s shopping centre

in Nay.

Cheap necklaces at H & M
If they have it in all the country’s H & M stores, I cannot guarantee, but it is worth checking. I bought this necklace for 10 $ H & M at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. I’ve had it on today and can already notice that it will be one of the summer’s favorites. This is not for you, there was a sea of jewelry on sale.