Steal the style: Rebel Wilson highlights forms

Comedian Rebel Wilson made his name as an actor with the role of the rag tag Brynn in the film bridesmaids from 2011. But it is anything but clumsy, when the 28-year-old Australian goes on the red carpet.

We are crazy with that Rebel Wilson chooses to highlight its forms instead of to hide whole body.

she does by choosing dresses, which marks the waist and thus focuses on the smallest place on her upper body. At the same time, select Rebel Wilson dresses with a wide V-neckline. It is a good choice for several reasons.

A V-cut causes the body to appear higher because it creates a vertical focus. With a wide V-cut avoids you also that your upper body is going to look like a massive crate, which is really good for women with large breasts.

With a tight-fitting dress, it is important that you have the Foundation of the order. A bra with the right circumference and cup size will both help to mark your waist while supporting and lift your breasts, so the perfect fit – if you have not yet got a BRA-fitting, it’s just getting rid of place.


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in our size guide you can find help on how to “translate” your bra size for the foreign sizes


Red, up to size 60, ca. 710 USD + shipping, Anna Scholz at Simply Be

Black, up to size 56/58, 249 + shipping, H & M

Purple, up to size 52, approximately 577 DKK, Lipstick Boutique Plus at ASOS


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