Strømpebattle: Colored or black rods?

by | January 21, 2017

Ha and Momme has two VERY different strømpebukse Collections. Natasha is an explosion of cool colors, while the Ha is more … gloomy. Read on here, where each of us defending our strømpebukse farvevalg – and find out who you agree with. And who knows, maybe your taste so wide that you’re into the whole thing. Hurray!

As you can see below, is my strømpebukse box a black SYN. There has just slipped a couple of gray and a few dark brown into the corner. Possibly hides a pair of Navy Blue down at the bottom. But then you also don’t find more colors in it. For my legs are black. Be preserved, I’ve tried a couple of armygrønne stockings even – and I also once had a couple with argyletern (the error I then NOT again commit). The fact is that I am terrified of getting to look like Chicken from Teddy bear & Chicken. Or to be perceived as someone who is on the way to the casting as Dr’s new children’s television host. I’m just not really into it that pigeons with highlighting my rods fasts.

I love the Matt-black stockings, because I think they create a quiet base for my look. So can I flip out with a PCB (in dark shades, of course) or let my gold earrings or a bold necklace get the lead role. But my legs, they must be black or at least dark.-

It is not something that I’m sorry for my legs and therefore do not want to draw attention to them. On the contrary, I think I have the right veldrejede legs. And with the black stockings, I just feel that it is the form – the silhouette – on my legs, you become aware of. Not one or the other a wild color. Now it is, of course, also the case that my wardrobe are primarily located in the dismal end of the gamut – if I was as good at it with colors like Momme, it may be that things are so completely different. But in my own little universe of color, I think it is wild when I take the Navy Blue stockings on for a dress with print. So are there really skejet out in the Ha

’ happen back home.

P.S. I owe to be completely honest about how the Brown and blue stockings ended up in my closet. I ordered the – thought I – a set with three pair of black stockings from Marks & Spencer. It turned out to be a package with a pair of black, a pair of Brown and a pair of blue. I have since had them on. A couple of times. But it is always the blacks, I return to the.

For me is pantyhose much more than a practical garment to keep me warm. It is an accessory on an equal footing with jewelry and lipstick. It’s something I actively use to express my personality and my mood. This is why my overall enjoyment of colors also through in my collection of pantyhose. Red is my favorite color, and therefore falls to me to be very natural not to be satisfied with the red dress, but to give it full gas by also taking the Red stockings on.

The Red stockings also could well have been pink, added my yellow clutch for like to give it even more gas on a good day, where there are no limits on the profits. It is never random, what pantyhose I take on. There is always a point, as, for example, to match the color of the belt, I have around the waist. On the way they play colored pantyhose for me also an active role in relation to emphasize a detail.

with the exception of my tights with leopard pattern and the classic Scottish cubes are all my coloured tights same-colored – however, I have also a couple of multi striped, which I never use. They make noise after all too much for even someone like me, because I think they are stealing attention from the rest of the vehicle and gives me the feeling of walking in kindergarten again.

And of course, I have also both black and grey stockings in the collection. I have even a couple of Brown. They will be used on days when it should be more classic than noisy.