Summer: From the Slave Girl AnastÁCio to the Mosques

Adriana Degreas freed the slave Anastasia, condemned to use a gag for refusing to sleep with her master. The parade was one of the highlights of the third day of São Paulo Fashion Week, featuring long tunics stamped by Iemanjá and Anastácia, cut out swimsuits and fifties lingerie with pointed bras. In the trendy beach of Coconut Water, the photos of Istanbul clicked by Eduardo Rezende will turn. In the Forum the drawings of Filipe Jardim colored with caipirinhas and Brazilian landscapes the collection. Na Uma, by Raquel Dawidoviz, tribal drawings graffiti long loose and minimalist dresses.

Beachwear: mosque prints illustrated the models of the Water of Coco, which invested in larger and more sophisticated bikinis. Get ready to watch the sunset wearing a gold swimsuit.

Lingerie 50’s: with pointed bras, inspired by the 50’s, Adriana Degreas redesigned the underwear from The stylist pops out ponchos to wear over bikinis.

Prints: caipirinhas, acerolas, the landscape of Inhotim, the architecture of Salvador have become prints in the Forum. The brand bet on the tailoring of well-cut and shorter pants and the efficiency of short, champion piece, worn with jacket, all matching in the same print.

Minimalism: tunics and pants almost pajamas were one of the proposals of Uma, who moved its minimalism with fringes. Super wearable catwalk effect: the recyclable rubber collar.

Beauty: Boticario paraded its line Make B. in sunset weather in Miami. What’s New: Kitten-style eyes, blue eyeshadow, HD base that leaves the skin more natural, lipstick darker with glow and strength in the illuminators. At this season the skin can and should shine so do not overdo the compact powder.