Swimming in Winter

Swimming in Winter

On a cold frosty day, you really want to plunge into the warm sea once again, bask in the pleasant sand. Even New Year’s and Christmas fuss can inspire longing for a hot summer. All doubts aside – warm countries where you can go in winter offer holidays for every taste and budget. It remains only to choose the direction where to go for the winter holidays: go to an exotic hot country on the other side of the world or give preference to neighboring beach resorts.

Where can you swim in winter? Inexpensive beach holiday

Whether it’s a spontaneous decision to go on vacation in the winter at sea or a planned long-awaited vacation, it’s nice when you don’t have to fill out extra forms and wait for a visa. To use the time for pleasant entertainment on a cozy beach, we recommend where to go on vacation in winter – 5 best places.

A beach holiday attracts with the silk of the sea, the finest sand, and active entertainment near the water. Where to go to the sea in winter with the whole family, and where is it better to relax with friends, where is it convenient to live with children, and which resort will become a paradise for newlyweds? We studied the reviews of tourists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, where it is inexpensive to go on a winter vacation abroad at sea, and where high-quality service and beach holidays are highly valued.


Vietnam is diverse, lively, with a unique combination of culture and religion, ancient buildings and modern entertainment centers. In winter, it is better to visit the south of the country, where you can go to rest on the sea, without fear of prolonged rains. Beach resorts here are inexpensive, staying in hotels at an affordable price, and the service is very different from the low standard of living of the locals.

A visa is not required for a trip to Vietnam up to 15 days, so if you want to spend days on end on the beaches of Paradise, feel free to pack your luggage and hit the road. Phu Quoc, Kandao , Phan Thiet resort will meet you in winter with gentle warmth and warm sea.

Goa, India

The Indian peninsula attracts tourists with its warm climate and affordable prices. Goa is a cheap resort where we recommend going abroad to relax in the winter. If you want to celebrate the New Year on a grand scale at an exotic seaside resort, apply for a visa to Goa and follow your dream.

The northern part of the small province will be of interest to young people and budget travelers: here you will find noisy parties on the beaches of Arambol, inexhaustible fun and mesmerizing sunsets on Anjuna. The south coast of Goa is full of luxurious hotels, secluded beaches, such as Palolem. The cost of such comfort and service corresponds to 5 *.


If you didn’t manage to go on vacation during the high season in summer, when relaxing in Egypt, a family vacation by the sea in winter will become a pleasant and affordable tradition. At this time of the year, the heat drops to a comfortable +28ºС. Choose hotels (for example, in Sharm El Sheikh) in quiet bays, from December to February it is quite windy here, the Red Sea develops in waves.

Hurghada is a budget resort where it is inexpensive to go to the sea in winter. Most of the hotels have their own heated pool, which is beneficial in the low season, because the water in the sea cools down quickly. In Egypt, it is easy to find entertainment for every taste, even in winter: a trip with children to a water park, exciting excursions will dilute a beach holiday with vivid emotions.


Are you not afraid of a long flight by plane and are looking for where to go to the sea on a budget in winter? Then we suggest going to the beach in Thailand in winter. From the end of November, the high season begins here, which means that you will find the bright sun and the gentle sea (the water heats up to + 25-27ºС), unusual fruits and a huge selection of entertainment. The increase in prices during the high season will not affect your budget, because holidays here are inexpensive.

Russian-speaking tourists prefer resorts in Pattaya, Phuket and Crab. You can dilute your beach holiday with excursions to the islands, visit an elephant show or an aquarium with your children.


According to top-medical-schools, Cambodia, like Thailand, is a warm country where it is best to go on vacation in winter. Dry and pleasant weather at +28 ºС contributes to a good vacation on the beaches, where it is comfortable to swim and enjoy sunbathing.

Cambodia is an inexpensive tourist destination where to go on vacation to the sea in winter. Here, affordable prices are not only for exotic local treats and excursions, but also for housing. In addition to a “lazy” holiday on the beaches near the Gulf of Thailand, it is worth going to the Kbal Chhai waterfall or Phnom Bokor park.


The Indonesian islands, where all the bright posters and brochures invite you to go swimming in winter, fascinate with unique landscapes, luxurious beaches and eternal summer.

Bali, where many people prefer to go to the ocean in winter, has a body and soul to relax. Swimming near huge turtles, carefree walks along sandy beaches attract tourists like a magnet even in December, when prices are significantly inflated due to the New Year holidays. In January and February, the price of a trip to Indonesia is more loyal, a flight from Moscow costs about 55 thousand rubles.


The Maldives is an ideal option for a honeymoon trip or a family vacation, where it is warm and where you can fly to relax in the winter without a visa. Such a beach holiday is more expensive than in other South Asian countries, but excellent service in comfortable hotels in the middle of the Indian Ocean and clean beaches deserve attention.

A calm and measured beach holiday in the resorts of Ari Atoll, South Male, Addu or Raa can always be diversified with diving lessons or deep-sea diving in a submarine. The winter months in the Maldives are a fairy tale in reality for residents of the northern and central regions of Eurasia: the air temperature reaches +30 ºС, and the water – 28 ºС.


Mysterious, with a special flavor and numerous festivals, Mexico, where you should go on a beach holiday in winter, fascinates and beckons with a warm tropical climate. The resorts of Acapulco and Mexico City are worthy of being called the best places where you should go to relax on the sea in winter.

We recommend planning a flight from November to April. At this time of the year the sun is gentle. To save money, book your tickets months in advance, especially if you want to visit the winter holidays or the famous carnival in February.


The UAE is an expensive resort where luxury hotels and impeccable beaches, trendy shops and popular restaurants require big expenses. We suggest using several practical tips on where it is better to relax in the UAE in the winter at sea at affordable prices:

  1. plan a trip for February, when prices are below the average for the year, and the weather is comfortable for residents of the northern hemisphere;
  2. visit free beaches, such as Jumeirah Open;
  3. relax with your family in Sharjah, because there is a “dry law” here, and there are many entertainments available for children;
  4. for budget tourists, small cafes will be a good alternative to restaurants.

Which countries to choose for holidays with children?

A trip with children to the sea, and especially in winter, requires careful planning and choosing a place where to go. It is important to consider that long-haul flights, such as those to Rio de Janeiro, are tiring for a small child and should be avoided. Unlike neighboring warm countries, where every family member will feel comfortable to go on vacation with a child in August, travel destinations in winter must meet several requirements:

  1. travel time – up to 3 hours;
  2. the air temperature in the resort is up to 27-30 ºС, and the water is pleasant for swimming;
  3. good infrastructure for families with children.

Egypt is the cheapest and most popular resort for families with children. Also, for a family beach holiday with a child, it is worth considering Thailand, where it will be interesting on the eve of the New Year. The Emirates offer a wide range of entertainment for all ages. There is a comfortable climate for a child’s body, but the cost of tours and flights to the UAE is high.

With a small child, you can go on vacation in the Dominican Republic or the Maldives in the winter, where the flight is quite long, but if you are sure that the baby will be comfortable and safe on the way.

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