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Apps Restaurants: 5 for Download Already

Are five apps to restaurants that promise to facilitate the choices of the day-to-day, as well as ensure that he listens to what you eat. Free and available both for iOS as for Android, these apps for restaurants are the essential help to choose the next where you will experience new dishes. Are perfect to find new… Read more »

Msn for Mobile

Staying all the time connected in MSN by the cell phone using the data network of the operator is the dream of many people. Being able to chat with friends or even use MSN professionally anywhere can save a lot of time and money on phone calls or SMS. Considering that cell phones are increasingly powerful,… Read more »

What Happens If I Uninstall WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp has worked to improve its encryption and security, some users are still unsure whether WhatsApp can ensure their privacy online. If this includes you, this guide will teach you how to uninstall WhatsApp Messenger on Android and iOS and what happens after you do this uninstallation. Uninstall WhatsApp and privacy policies

Palm Pre: Hands-On

A new challenger I’ve had all this year: Android, iPhone OS, Windows Mobile (6.5), Symbian and Maemo. Just one thing had been missing: webOS! But also I have now finally (angetestet). The operating system is the new Palm Pre smartphone . The Palm Pre is now being expected in Germany soon sold and I have ever had the opportunity to “play” with the Palm Pre. Officially,… Read more »

LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch

The LG Watch Urbane commitment to luxury and premium look but still betting on the potential of Android Wear LG just released a few hours ago its new commitment in the field of smart watches and we have surprised everyone with their LG Watch Urbane . With a background of two generations in this new technological category, it seems… Read more »