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Mulberry London Fashion Week

  “CARA is the best role model for us, when it comes to enjoying life to the fullest: perfectly divides her time between friends and family, town and country, day and night, London and Los Angeles.” For this flexibility we wanted to design a bag that meets all the requirements”, Anne-Marie Verdin, brand Director of Mulberry… Read more »

Practicality and Style: Men’s Handbags Models for You

The rush of everyday life causes have to carry keys, wallet, cell phone, handbag and other”gadgets” to face the routine. Where we put all of this? In the pockets of the pants–I just don’t! Giving that friendly advice: place items in pants pockets adds visual of anyone. The solution lies in men’s pockets. Check out some models and get inspired:

School Backpack: 8 Tips to Avoid Overloading

Books, notebooks, magazines, cases, ink and a thousand badulaques. The school backpack is a space full of things that often do not need to be there. Children often carry more than they need, either for laziness to pack the backpack daily, keeping all the notebooks and books inside, or because they think they will need everything they… Read more »

Tips for Choosing Your Equipment

When people start in trekking, climbing, camping and so they often have difficulties to choose their equipment and it is not strange that they buy something, repent and then leave that item aside or even try to resell it to wipe out part of the injury. But when we don’t have a lot to be spending… Read more »

Children’s Backpack: Find the Most Beautiful

With the end of the year approaching, comes to an end as well another school year in schools. However, the month of January is a month of purchases and materials for parents and mothers all over Brazil. The year, it is also full of lists that contains various items of need. Items that are needed for the next… Read more »

10 Women’s Modern Backpacks for School

Who is student cannot live without a good and beautiful backpack. The accessory allows children and adults can carry many materials and daily objects with comfort and practicality, in addition, to complete the look backpack leaving the visual more beautiful and modern.

How to Buy a Laptop Backpack

Not everyone thinks that, after buying a laptop, maybe craved for so long and with all the features we were looking for, our greatest need become to preserve it and protect it for as long as possible. One of the accessories that help in this aim are the notebook cases. These backpacks have been adequately researched… Read more »