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What Happens If I Uninstall WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp has worked to improve its encryption and security, some users are still unsure whether WhatsApp can ensure their privacy online. If this includes you, this guide will teach you how to uninstall WhatsApp Messenger on Android and iOS and what happens after you do this uninstallation. Uninstall WhatsApp and privacy policies

The Freedom of Cork

We have sent the new iPhone in the acoustics laboratory and test heard in detail. Conclusion: A change provides dramatically better sound-and that has to do anything with the player or the electronics.

The Iphone Price Increase

At least until 1 September Since this week the price increase of the subsidized iPhone at T-Mobile is decided. Interested in the small tariffs “Complete XS” and “Complete 60” are concerned. The new prices are now available in all T-Mobile stores and online orders. Why T-Mobile does this is easy to understand. It will be noted that customers of the small… Read more »

Preview of Applemews

What is coming this year? What should we keep from 2009? Apple has somehow not popped a lot, and except the Magic Mouse, I’m missing innovations. The iPhone was only updated to the 3GS version and the sympathetic company from Cupertino 2009 was more for evolution than for revolution.Slowly, it is time to focus on 2010 and… Read more »

Apple Should Retire the iPad Mini

In 2012, Apple introduced to the world a new bet to dominate the tablet market: the iPad mini, a small-sized version of its powerful tablet. Over the next three years, the gadget has gained new versions and has consolidated as a good option for anyone looking for a smaller and cheaper laptop than the traditional iPad.

New: Iphone 3g S And Old: Iphone 3g

The two surprises of yesterday’s evening Every year Apple has a new ritual, where a more beautiful, new and better product is presented, whereas the old product belongs to the absolutely old iron. This year also in the keynote of the WWDC 2009 in San Francisco.

Apple Gets New Patent for iPhone

Apple Receives Patent on Facial Recognition Who can call his own an iPhone 5S, knows that he can unlock it by fingerprint. Now Apple has the patent on something new: The California smartphone maker received a new patent, which allows you to control devices such as smartphones via facial recognition and unlock. it takes no… Read more »