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Learn About the 6 Qualities That Women Seek in Men

The qualities that women seek in men are the most varied possible. Some relate to the physical appearance, but there are qualities that go far beyond the appearance. The ideal partner for a woman will certainly not be the ideal partner for another, but there are some interesting clues. Get to know better the theme. Choose a partner… Read more »

The Story of the Yellow Boots of Timberland

Despite having become an icon of fashion, the history of the Yellow Boots of Timberland is intimately linked to the american workers and their needs in the busyness of day-to-day, which is not surprising when we talk about classic pieces of the wardrobe male, as functionality and resistance are common in this context. Innovative Technology The big turning point… Read more »

Different Types of Ties

Last week, we began a series of articles tracing the history of the tie. After this episode, here came time to move to something more concrete. Ties, when must wear everyday, we have a number accumulated over the years and the necessities of formal attire. Because in the end, a tie is like a reflection of his mood,… Read more »