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To Make this Mothers Day Gift

One more very special date is approaching and with it comes the difficult task of finding a suitable gift. If you already understand that pot is not present and will risk an outfit or accessory for your mom(or buy something for your wife, for small children), it’s worth considering a few things:

Gifts that Please Any Woman

He/she hears puppies and filhotas!!! And there, they have to decide what to get for mom next Sunday or, as always, decided to leave everything to the last minute? Ehhh people … now there’s no escape, came the weekend of the run! The Hunch of Luxury is a mil por hora and continue in legs… Read more »

Fashion Trends for the Use of Necklaces

As fashion trend is the leather necklace. They fell in the popular taste of both men and women. For some, the paste is seen as just another one of many costume jewelry, but the necklace has a power too great about the look, because it is able to highlight or completely change the outfit or style who… Read more »

The Purses are High in Brazilian Soap Operas

Trends for women’s handbags can be seen in many ways and the television celebrities are some of the references to combine style and good taste with what is high in the fashion world. The main  trends of women’s handbags  from soap opera actresses, for example, generally show great references than to use composing a beautiful look without making mistakes.

Theme Week: White Dress-Look 1

Who was Miss yellow door raises his hand! And who was with Miss a week theme? Let’s then join the two things and return to the stop on the right foot? There are some weeks I get requests for girls in desperation with this heat: “Jojô, as it does for work and don’t be embarrassed in this… Read more »

Jewelry:All the Personal Gift Versions

Jewelery is still one of the most popular gift categories ever, whether for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary, for mommy, the best girlfriend or the adored – especially women’s eyes get this very special glow when the gift wrapping is solved Piece of jewelry. When giving presents, however, you should not decide for simply “any” jewelry,… Read more »

What to Wear With a Black Skirt?

The black skirt is one of the basic pieces that no woman can do without. Easy to wear everyday, office, out, it can fit many occasions and outfits. Whether right or trapeze cut sheath, skater or cracked, here are some ideas for outfits to wear black skirt with style. Some examples of small basic black skirts below to… Read more »