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Tips for Choosing Your Equipment

When people start in trekking, climbing, camping and so they often have difficulties to choose their equipment and it is not strange that they buy something, repent and then leave that item aside or even try to resell it to wipe out part of the injury. But when we don’t have a lot to be spending… Read more »

How to Sleep in a Sleeping Bag

Tips to choose· · · Sleeping Bag Iceland· · · down maintenance · choice· washing · storage· conseilsvoyage iceland-practice Even in summer, Iceland is a cold country. On our trip we stayed below zero! It is therefore important to equip. The down must be the material in which you must put the priority compared to the tent, the… Read more »

How to Wash Heavy Sleeping Bags

I heard sent without problem. Tips for storing sleeping bag: Do not store heard a long time in a closed bag. Keep the down bags in large bags and synthetic in uncompressed bags. Ventilate the bags after each outing. The human body releases at least 300 milliliters of moisture per night. Internal sheet for the sack improved… Read more »