Taiwan Travel Plan

Taiwan Travel Plan

The island of Taiwan, separated from the Chinese mainland by the Taiwan Strait, delights its visitors with a multitude of grandiose landscape sceneries and fantastic cultural sights. The ridge of the island, raised by a mountain range of folds, is impressive, with more than 60 peaks, gorges and over 3,000m altitude. In between there is an overwhelming and varied vegetation in a tropical and subtropical area, depending on the altitude. The unique landscape wonders of Taiwan find their highlights in the steep marble gorges of Taroko and in the imposing mountain landscape in the interior of the island, especially at the idyllic Sun and Moon Lake. According to hyperrestaurant, the cities of Taipei and Kaoshiung combine modern cloud ravines with traditional culture in shrines and temples. In the national museum of the capital Taipei we are impressed by the treasures from the imperial palaces of Beijing and Nanjing on a Taiwan tour. These were brought to Taiwan by the Koumintang. A tour of the museum gives us a comprehensive overview and insight into the millennia-long cultural and historical past of China. On our trip we explore the scenic and cultural highlights of Taiwan. From north to south we experience the beautiful island, which was formerly known as Formosa, at the best time to travel. No visa is required to enter Taiwan.

Day 1

9 day tour

Departure from Frankfurt with CHINA AIRLINES non-stop to Taipei, the capital of the island of Taiwan.

Day 2

Morning arrival at Taoyuan Airport. Transfer to the hotel in Taipei. The rest of the day is free to relax and do your own activities. Each participant receives a day ticket for an unlimited number of trips on the subway (MRT).

Day 3

After breakfast we will be picked up for a city tour of Taipei: visiting the National Palace Museum, Martyrs Shrine, Longshan Temple, Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and the Handicraft Center. There is a photo stop at the famous “Taipei 101”, one of the tallest buildings in the world. Return to the hotel.

Day 4

Morning bus ride to Taroko National Park. There we hike into the Toroko Gorge with a visit to the Shrine of Eternal Spring, the Nine Turn Cave and the Swallow Gate.

Day 5

Drive on one of Taiwan’s most beautiful mountain roads (Central Cross Island Highway) to Sun Moon Lake. We experience a fantastic mountain landscape during this overland trip. The highest pass, Wu Ling, is at an altitude of 3,275 meters above sea level.

Day 6

The Sun Moon Lake is one of Taiwan’s outstanding landscape gems. Morning walk on the lake with sightseeing: Wen Wu Temple, Tse-En Pagoda and in the afternoon bus ride to Tainan, the ancient capital of culture. We visit the Confucius Temple, the Chikan Tower and the Anping Fortress. Stroll through the famous night market.

Day 7

In the morning continuation of the sightseeing program from the previous day. Bus ride to Foguangshan Monastery (Mount of Buddha Shine). Visit to the monastery where we also get a vegetarian meal.

Day 8

Early in the morning we can watch the monks worship. After a vegetarian breakfast, drive to Kaohsiung with a city tour. We visit the spring and autumn pavilions as well as the dragon and tiger pagoda on Lotus Lake. Return to Taipei. On the way we visit Lukang (temple and market). Then transfer to the airport, flight to Frankfurt.

Day 9

Arrival in Frankfurt in the morning. Individual extension: At the end of the trip (day 8 in Kaohsiung) there is an individual bathing extension in Kenting in southern Taiwan (in the summer months), or an extension on the Taiwanese island of Penghu. For amateur divers, Palau in the Pacific is a good choice. Alternatively, hotels in the **** category can also be booked for an additional charge. The tour program remains unchanged. We will gladly make you an offer.

Taiwan Travel Plan