The Best Place to Go in Egypt for the New Year

The Best Place to Go in Egypt for the New Year

If the cold and snow have ceased to please you, and you want to spend New Year’s Eve in a non-standard setting, enjoying the wonderful warmth of the southern countries, then Egypt is an ideal place. A friendly and bright atmosphere reigns here all year round, so tourists can be met both in hot summer and in winter on the eve of the holiday.

Egypt in winter: climatic conditions for recreation

According to topschoolsintheusa, the popular southern country captivates with mild warm winters, when the air temperature rises to 30 during the day, and barely touches the +15 line at night. This is the perfect time for an active holiday.

Therefore, when deciding what to take with you on a trip, stop only at the most necessary and easy, and do not forget to take your camera with you, because it is so important to keep pleasant moments for a long time.

We emphasize that the climate and weather of Egypt contribute to an excellent winter holiday. At this time, it is not as hot as usual, but quite acceptable for spending a few pleasant hours on the beach. It is also important to consider that the Red Sea in Egypt is unlike any other in the world. It is warm, clean, as if made for diving.

Having plunged under water, before you the live various underwater world in all paints opens.

New Year’s program in Egypt: what is worth seeing

A trip to Egypt for the New Year is a great opportunity to see this country in a new light. Here in the morning you can enjoy the much-desired warmth, and in the afternoon you can become part of the noisy grandiose nighttime fun.

The most famous resorts in Egypt are Hurghada, which is located on the very coast of the Red Sea, and Sharm el-Sheikh, the country’s unique entertainment center on the Sinai Peninsula.

If you want to know what Egypt is for the New Year, then the reviews of avid guests of beautiful places will surely convince you to visit this country during the holidays.

It is important to emphasize that at this time of the year you can visit all the Egyptian pyramids with maximum comfort, touch their centuries-old walls, learn more about the great secrets and, of course, take a memorable photo.

One of the most famous and at the same time inexpensive resorts in Egypt is considered to be Hurghada. Here, on New Year’s Eve, you can have fun at a unique party.

Constant parties and hangouts are the main feature of entertainment in this area. Visit the luxurious palace “Thousand and One Nights”, where performances will captivate with beautiful oriental dance. And don’t forget to take a walk next to the pyramids.

In the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in the winter, you will find wonderful attractions and parks. And in small restaurants you can always enjoy the national cuisine of Egypt. For seekers of antiquities, you can organize a trip to Mount Moses and the monastery of St. Catherine.

Visit a wonderful paradise place – Ras Mohammad Reserve. Its unique flora and fauna will tell a lot about the local inhabitants of warm waters. But lovers of noisy parties will certainly like Naama Bay, because its infrastructure is full of unexpected pleasant surprises.

The Best Place to Go in Egypt