The Components of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Cost $ 236

According to researchers at the consulting firm IHS, the cost of the components that Samsung has integrated into its new S4 Galaxy $236, a substantial increase in cost that had once the components of the Samsung Galaxy S III, amounting to 205 dollars.

Much of that cost is due to updates in the screen of the device, its sensors, your processor and memory. Precisely the cost of the screen the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the component with the highest price of all device, $75, When was the S III 65 dollars when it was launched last year.
The sensor subsystem, which now includes new features such as the thermometer, has also increased the price of 12.70 of S III $16 of the S4 Galaxy. And the same thing has happened with the processor: according to this consultant, Exynos 4 Quad of the Galaxy S III cost 17.50 dollars, while Exynos 5 Octa costs nearly double, with an estimated 30 dollars per unit. Curiously the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 LTE version has a lower estimated price of $20 per unit.

Samsung has however managed that part of those costs are assumed by all its manufacturing divisions, since the screen, its touch module, the Exynos CPU or power management circuits are manufactured by the own Samsung. IHS estimates that 63% of materials (with a cost of $149 of 236 total) They reversed in Samsung.

Of course that cost base of materials in addition to many others, such as of own manufacture, the distribution and marketing of this type of global releases.