The Favourite Bags of Employees: Kathi and Her Osprey

It’s time again: today I give you my dear colleague Kathi from the product presentation. After the new goods in the warehouse has arrived, it immediately enters the product presentation. There is the bag, backpack, wallet, the trolley…, just each individual product in the bag Department, weighed, measured and examined of course and test carried. Lots of exciting things happen here: features are recorded, shot photos, a text written and then the product is already ready to go online. So it is no wonder that all my colleagues in the product presentation very often put a new bag or a new Backpack in the shopping cart. Also, I’m no exception…

Why did you choose for this backpack?

I’m Yes actually significantly less bag affine as the other product managers. If new bags come to us upward and are all very enthusiastic, I often think: “Well, just handbags!”. A delivery of great backpacks and shoulder bags from, however, comes this ends with me inevitably in the loss of control. In my Osprey backpack , it was love at first sight: he is small but not too small, just right for what I need every day. The color is pretty strong, but watch anyway to most of my outfits (sporting) and when he’s even dirty, I just throw it in the washing machine.

When you take this backpack?

Every day, always! I wear it when I’m cycling to work, use it for shopping, holidays, excursions, and even if I’m in the city shopping. So I have always enough space and especially hands.

What’s in your backpack?

My backpack is what is the handbag for others for me. Getting there: My lunch, handkerchiefs, two MP3 players and a little music box, hand cream, lip balm and hair brush (you need that as a cyclist is more often), purse, a ballpoint pen and the shopping list the last two weeks.

What do you particularly like about your backpack?

The size is optimal, the color is great and he is pretty easy, but best is the small whistle in the chest strap, which I’ve discovered quite late. So you can jump up even at a defective traffic lights as traffic COP!

How many bags did you total home?

My collection has so far limited. I have a further, somewhat larger backpack, a chic Weekender, two wash bags, my beloved leather bag, a purse, a small purse, various small boxes for cosmetics, hair ties and other odds and ends and my latest achievement in the bag department store: A beautiful shoulder bag from Fjällräven. I am just also not immune to bags and liebäugle with a further backpack… I can’t just for a color decide!

Dear Kathi, thank you for the insight into the world of your bag. Your backpack by Osprey I like very well, but the best thing is: I can see you from a distance on a bike or in the city and always glad to see you. Are you anyway? You see your friends or colleagues of the bag or backpack or is it maybe just under us bag Kaufhaeuslern?