The HTC One Disassembled by IFixit: Don’t Make It at Home

The HTC One will still make us wait a few weeks to appear in stores, but already we can discover everything that contains in its interior thanks to a new process of disassembly carried out by the specialists of iFixit.

The new flagship of the Taiwanese company will be one of the most popular handsets in the coming months, but as designated managers of iFixit will have to be careful with it, because its repairability is especially complex.
In the cutting of the HTC One responsible for the process were found with all kinds of barriers, and for example the rear casing was especially difficult to remove Since it is connected through a ribbon cable from the screen, hidden under the rear cover Assembly. “The amount of work required to separate the back cover of aluminum and the front housing was immense,” they declared in one of the first steps of the proceos.

From there the work became something more simple, but not too much. Many additional connectors, glued or attached to various HTC One sheets they did equally complicated disassemble.

One of the most interesting discoveries is that of the Chamber, with 28 mm, Aperture f/2.0 lens and a HTC ImageChip 2. 4 Mpixel sensor is manufactured by ST Microelectronics. As indicated in iFixit, making this camera is especially delicate and it makes sense that that has been the reason for the delays in the final availability of the device.

The final summary is clear: the repairability of the HTC One rate is one out of ten (being 10 best), leaving of course is one of the products more complex repair that have been found in iFixit. We remember only the MacBook Pro 15 Retina with this qualification, and you have to compare that data with the qualification of the Z10 BlackBerry or the iPhone 5 (7 out of 10) (8 out of 10). If you think buying a HTC One, you may want you take account.