The Purses are High in Brazilian Soap Operas

Trends for women’s handbags can be seen in many ways and the television celebrities are some of the references to combine style and good taste with what is high in the fashion world. The main  trends of women’s handbags  from soap opera actresses, for example, generally show great references than to use composing a beautiful look without making mistakes.

See the combination of some famous:

Marina Ruy Barbosa

Making a huge success with your character Isabella in the miniseries Globe, Justice, Marina performed at the launch of the program with beautiful and flawless look basic black, sleek and modern. To match the visual, she chose a female cross purse with average shoulder strap in silver competitor format.

The jacket(suit) low-cut with sleeves slightly pulled to.75 and leather pants, with high heels. The visual was beautiful, without exaggeration, highly versatile.

For the day to day, Marina, who is in love with purse, combines a structured bag model with a total visual jeans, long sleeve shirt and shorts, or casual chic, with leggins, blazers, jaquetes, among others. The model is part of a European release and is up for the spring-summer season.

Tata Werneck

The funniest Chase is also rocking with your Fedora Abdala paper in the novel there’s Heart.And, in this case, you have to keep an eye on her, because the character is an it-girl and is with everything in its graceful looks, full of style and a lot of personality.

In the novel, Fedora is always stunning, ranging from handbags and looks fantastic. On occasion, she combines peluciada off-white short skirt with a strapless prints, a cream Cardigan and a female trunk bag.

To complement, many accessories, with medium sized bracelets and necklaces many brilliant. Feet, heels of animal print complements the look.

Mariana Ximenes

The actress is with all participating in two productions: in the novel there’s Heart, she is funny and Tancinha, in the fictional reality show Supermax she embodies the nurse Bruna. At first, the cheerful and contagious character visual is present in your clothes, while, in the second program, the tone is more serious – not least because the big part of the story takes place in a confined space.

In there is Heart, Tancinha wear dresses with flowery prints and colors that go between the red, pink and Fuchsia. To match, the bag is more practical, being an accessory to carry just the essentials: a women’s handbag shoulder or cross, and may be small or medium.

Day by day, with a contemporary look and mega-modern for the time cold, is the leather pants with heeled boots, all in the little black dress, with matching nude beige scarf and sweater. This look gives a big emphasis on structured bag in red color.

Camila Pitanga

Always beautiful and tastefully, the actress is present in the novel Old Chico and, for this reason, the visual is not exactly the right thing to follow, since the story is set in 1960. Still, away from the cameras, Camila Pitanga is always elegant in your visual.

With short hair, she bet on strap tops and matching skirt with a flip flops. The secret to give prominence to the hairstyle and the composition is not to give prominence to the accessories. Neck, hands and bare fists without any ornament, but big earrings and belts for polishing. As the visual emphasis on discretion, the combination is complete with a purse wallet in the hands, carrying just the basics.


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