The Samsung Galaxy Mini SIII Receives a Version with Crystals of Swarovski in Germany

Samsung It is quite capable of profitable products that already have a long market getting new versions for this as anyone. They were not infrequently that most sold handsets had just coming out in a new version for a new type of market.

In this issue in particular it is an adaptation to the luxury of the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, a terminal that came out last year and which can hardly be considered top range. This special edition which is distributed only in Germany has with 166 Swarovski crystals on the back.

This option is intended for those who think more in the glamour and exclusivity, because you don’t have the latest hardware and is thought to have a mobile phone that unite with the clothing regardless of abilities. Except for that, there is nothing particularly different from its full version

Still has a dual processor – core with 1 GHz, 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, capabilities that are far from the high end. That does not have a price relatively high compared to other phones condicho hardware, thus It will cost €300, something cheap for a terminal with a certain degree of exclusivity but expensive for a terminal that already came out a year ago with a limited hardware.