The Touch Screen of Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Much More Accurate Than The IPhone 5s and 5 C

by | June 20, 2017

The company OptoFidelity It manufactures many devices for testing the reliability and accuracy of touch screens and user interfaces. And in its latest study have proven how the 5s and 5 c iPhone touchscreens are much less precise, making the Galaxy S3 terminal, which came to light a year and five months.

Through a series of tests with a robotic arm they have seen how the new iPhone screens have one deviation of the touch area more than 1mm where it is played in much of its surface.

What does imply that a touch screen is not so accurate?

According to the report of OptoFidelity (PDF) the new iPhone screens shows a deviation notable at the top and right of the screen.

With a level of error so small, touching the mm the difference for the user reaches when using small items on display, read for example the keyboard. Let us look at what is happening with the top row of the keyboard in handsets:

At the time of type, that precision It shows. With Galaxy S3 you won’t have any problems when you press on the keys, however according to these results with iPhone it will be difficult to hit with keys that are located close to both sides especially on the right side.