Things to Consider in Krabi, Thailand

Things to Consider in Krabi, Thailand

There are many things to consider in Thailand. However, there is no need to be unnecessarily worried about making mistakes, because Thailand is not a dangerous place. Krabi is one of the most harmless popular resorts in Thailand, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

The king and the royal house


The king and the royal house are sacred in Thailand. Images of the king are everywhere, and the Thais like their royals immensely. Each banknote has an image of a king or other royal, and therefore the banknotes are handled tactfully. According to the law, nothing negative can be said about the king and no other royals can be criticized.


The Buddha is sacred in Thailand, and Buddha tattoos are not considered good. The main statues of the Buddha should not be bought, and in general the images and symbols of the Buddha should be treated with respect.

The temples where one goes to worship in front of the Buddha statue go without shoes, and outside there are instructions on what kind of clothing is allowed. You should not go to the temple areas in a sleeveless shirt, small shorts, torn jeans or women so that your shoulders are visible. Krabi does not have many such temple areas, but they can be met elsewhere, and in general, respectful settlements in temple areas are desirable.


Smoking is banned almost everywhere, and smoking in the wrong place can be followed by a large fine. The threat of a fine applies to many hotel rooms and all interiors, many beaches, station piers and more. Outdoor bars are allowed to smoke but never really in restaurants.

Alcohol and bars

Drinking alcohol is prohibited on public transport , especially public ones, and if you go somewhere on the open platform, you should not get on it with an alcoholic beverage. The same goes for long-distance buses and trains, but you can drink alcohol in private taxis.

Drinking alcohol is not a problem in Krabi like in some other Thai resorts. It is drunk even during the day, and even here the biggest fun of western tourists is having frosty at any time of the day. The city of Krabi is clean in every way but also a varied place in the evenings. There are hardly any bar girls or even masseuses who force their services. Ao Nang is a wilder place in this sense, and if you don’t want to see bar girls or the wild nightlife, you should avoid the busiest parts of it in the evenings and at night.

Jellyfish and other beach problems

Jellyfish are a problem on many beaches in the Krabi region. There are bulletins about them in both English and Thai, and the pictures show what the dangers are and how to avoid them.

Another thing that is warned on the beaches is theft, as it happens when someone leaves their valuables unattended and goes for a swim or kiosk visit. No valuables should ever be left unattended on any beach, nor in bars, restaurants or anywhere else.

Dogs and monkeys

Dogs and monkeys

In Thailand, dogs are a problem in many places, as locals don’t actually keep dogs the way they do in Western countries. However, there are, the majority of them are stray dogs in one way or another, and there are a particularly large number of dogs in the temple areas. For example, there are aggressive dogs in the fine temple area of ​​the city of Krabi, and it is not worth going near dogs there or in any other temple area. If the dog starts to approach barking, it is better to change course and go away. Dogs have diseases that they can only bear, and if they get bitten by a bunch, they can make a bad impression.

The beaches and especially Hat Noppharat Thara and the most remote corners of Ao Nang are places with stray dogs . They move in groups but are not normally around just attacking anyone. They should not be approached or touched at all, and when you see them, you should go in the other direction. In the humid heat, dogs can’t go far, and many dogs are very temperate at noon. At the beginning of 2019, however, the dogs ravaged a small Finnish boy on these shores, and therefore it is worth staying away from the dogs and not approaching them, let alone stroking them.

There are monkeys here and there in Thailand, and if they are there and there is harm, there are clear warning signs that will tell you the most essential things for anyone. Monkeys should not be approached, fed or touched as they have diseases and can bite. Monkeys can also take food or drink if it is left unnecessarily carelessly unattended on the beach. They can also attack plastic bags because they think they have food or drink in them. They are mostly after food and drink, and those who measure the shores of Krabi should not eat or drink anything while walking.