Thousands Hp Printer Publicly on Google Visible

by | November 15, 2017

Network integration for HP printers is a good thing in itself, not the fact that thousands of these printer integrated into networks in a simple Google query could be found there. To use for the search term “inurl: hp/device/this.” LCDispatcher? nav = hp. Print”.”Almost 90,000 hits are displayed as a result.

The Cause Of The “Public” HP Printer

Currently assuming the causes, that the printer itself not properly established by the users for network operation. There is currently no evidence that the indexing is done intentionally by Google. It is curious, however, that an appropriate search query at Bing brings no results. An assessment of the locations of this publicly accessible HP printer showed that there are above all the universities in the world, where this printer using the IP could be tracked down. In Germany, for example, the University of Bremen is affected. Also HP printer of the University of Washington can be found on the Google results list.

The Consequences Of The Visibility Of The HP Printer

Print jobs can be initiated via a script. This increases paper consumption and the consumption of printer supplies such as toner and inkfor the affected users. Far more dangerous is the possibility to configure the visible HP printer via the Internet. Then also the data stored on the print server are no longer safe. This gap was discovered by the experts of Port3000, which immediately issued a warning. Adam Howard is to bear in mind that access to private networks is possible via this route. Protect you can before that just by calling it assigns a password for access outside your own network.