Time for scarves: Nine delicious finds from 40 for 199 kr.

scarves is and will be one of my favorite pieces accessories. A scarf can in seconds give your look a little edge or bring a classic dispute. It is also the scarf that can show that you are full of profits and in a good mood, if you choose a in happy colors that attract attention.

But scarves are also the accessories that can make you look thicker out, if you’re not careful. Before you throw yourself out in to shop scarves in this guide, you can get tips on how to avoid that the scarf makes you look thicker out (opens in new window)

Dry Eater who gives edge – leoprint

one of the season’s big trends is leopard print. Are you not quite familiar with this print, is a scarf a discreet way to sneak trendensen into your wardrobe.

Beige leoprint, ca. 140 USD + shipping, River

Blue leoprint Iceland, ca. 140 USD + shipping, Evans

Gray leoprint, 150 DKK + shipping, Magazine

the classic twist – Black and white

Black and white is and will be a completely classical combination. The black and white stand perfect for a black uppers or blazer. Take a black and white scarf around his neck and then you can easily give a fine dress a more everyday look without sacrificing the classic.

Scarf with graphic print, 129 USD + shipping, Gina Tricot

Scarf with hearts, 149 USD + shipping, Mango

Scarf with dots, 39.95 + shipping, H & M

Happy scarves

Yes, I know it well. A scarf can not express the joy in itself. But a scarf in print with strong colors are lit up in the dark at least the winter half of the year, and it is that can provide nice contrast to winter clothes in dark colors. That is why it is also this type of scarves that attracts the most attention. So it’s not this style, you need to find out from the tray on a bad day, where you prefer to fly under the radar.

Yellow and blue scarf, 69.95 USD + shipping, H & M

Pink scarf, available in several colors, 199 DKK Becksøndergaard at

Mønstermix Boozt scarf, ca. 65 USD + shipping, River Iceland