Tim Cook Could Be Finished with The “Thermonuclear War” of Steve Jobs against Android

by | July 22, 2017

And long has spoken about the war of patents. And is that although now the thing apparent to be somewhat calmer, many have been bite Apple company demands to the quasi-totality of Android device manufacturers.

As well, apparently, senior Apple executives have met with counterparts in Samsung to stop this war of patents, as it reported the prestigious editor at Bloomberg, Paul Barrett:

“ CEO of Aplle Tim Cook does not seem to share the passion of his predecessor on shooting all enemies away. Cook sees the litigation as a necessary evil, not as a vehicle of cosmic revenge & #8221;

Famous have become words that are included in the biography of Steve Jobs:

“ I’m going to invest until my last breath of life if necessary, and will spend every penny of the Apple account with 40. 000millones of dollars in the Bank to correct this error. I’m going to destroy Android, because that product is theft. I am willing to go to a war thermonuclear. & #8221;

Since Jobs preferred to follow the legal method, it sued brands such as Motorola, HTC and Samsung, waiting for you to recognize him that it is a copy. According to Barrett, who has closely followed the whole issue of patents, the case of Apple against Android is now weaker than ever.

Apple argued that Samsung copied the design of the iPhone to be “ a rectangular product with rounded corners, with a flat face that covers the front of the product, and a large screen on a clean surface & #8221;.

Regardless of which the design is or not particular to correspond to the iPhone, it is difficult for Apple to deliver a blow to anyone in that direction, by the wide variety of touch phones with rounded corners that is. In short, Apple is not winning many of their demands for patents, and this is partially so the their executives are considering abandoning the “ thermonuclear war ” Apple against Android.