Tiny 9 Vodafone: New Price of 9 Cents Minute and SMS

by | July 13, 2017

Vodafone just with your pending and finally launches a fee for for those who usually make calls short putting on sale in its online store new Tiny SIM cards that will only be available in contract no permanence for migration, new high, portability that request them before September 30 although you can enjoy Forever.

These SIM cards are offered in two forms of tariffs which can make us save enough to change that Vodafone will not offer us a mobile phone at the time of the purchase by that which will run our account.

The modalities are the Tiny Super 90 x 1 I have been progressing yesterday and the new Tiny 9 cents It will be recommended if the average duration of your calls is less than 3 minutes and that shamelessly copy the Simple contract of Movistar.

The Contract tiny 9 Vodafone charged to 9 cents per minute (more call set-up 15 cents) and 9 cents/SMS to any destination at any time of the day with a minimum consumption of 9 euros per month although it will be limited in other aspects such as the rates low cost Movistar, Orange and many MVNOs.

Será incompatible with saving modules as VIP numbers, regular numbers, family account and SMS credits. Furthermore although it will be compatible with the activation of qtal and a2 so that others can continue to enjoy these services with us, the customer with tiny 9 activated that call short of the qtal and a2 always billed to 9 cents per minute and SMS that will lose the benefit of the qtal and a2 (except for MMS which will continue to be the lowest numbered short).

It will not be compatible with multi-homed, punctual promotions, it will not generate points or you can apply permanence by grant from mobile except in specific cases which will be offered to existing customers in the departments of low and portability to another operator cancellation as it takes already happening for some time.