Thick women in t-shirts – thoughts from a beach holiday

by | December 25, 2016

As you can see I take it with style very relaxed when I’m on beach holiday. It is, after all, just about relaxing heeelt of. And it would be hard if I was focused all the time on my body size.

I am almost just returned from a much needed week on a sun bed in Thailand. I get me never really to it that with the package itself out of a winter coat and jump directly into the bathing suit – but where it is wonderful when you finally is there, wearing factor 55 and a crossword puzzle. Some of it, I came to mind – and look at-is where different female bodies take it out. And how differently we women wear ourselves.

Mind was set in motion by a woman, not really huge, but however, plus size. Especially on the upper body. She bathed and Sun-drenched wearing t-shirt and shorts. So did her plus size-man, by the way. When she stood up, she had constantly scrambling to pull down the T-shirt, and when she sat in deckchairs, she beat nearest the knot on themselves, to have arms and hands in front of his body. She worked most of all horrified to be on

Beach holiday.

I was so sad on her behalf. For I do not necessarily mean that I would have been thinking about her size, if she had a swimsuit or bikini on and just had gone out in the water with straight back. But because she clearly showed that her body was the only thing she thought of, it was also the only thing I was thinking of.

in General is such a pool area is a great place to observe how differently women feel about their bodies. And it has nothing to do with the size or shape, I could see. There was also a very underweight woman who only just was down to dip it in water and then ran into his apartment again. And there were all those in between, with hanging tits, blindtarmsar, stomach, thighs, stretch marks, flat balls and everything else that makes a body unique. Some stayed any lying on a sun bed, and immediately threw a tunic over them when they stood up, while others stood and Sunning himself in the middle of the pool and did not work to think particularly over what shape their bodies have.

And the fact is, it must be.

I can easily remember when I also would prefer to sit on a sun bed and flashed my plus size-no stomach in the pool. I was convinced that all looked at me and assessed my body. But what dawned on me on tall was that we most look at those who exude, they won’t look at. And why now it?

Course, we humans are, after all, curious by nature. So if someone with body language and behavior looks as if they have something they’d like to hide, so I will of course see what it is. And therefore it will be them, I keep an eye on.

I wish that the woman in the t-shirt had dared lift his gaze and look around. So she had seen, how many different bodies, she was surrounded by. It could well be that she was plus size, but that the other bodies nor was ‘ perfect ‘. I wish that she had dared to throw his low bodily self esteem along with winter coat. I wish that she had sacrificed it, a decent bathing suit with support and fine carving, costs, so she had felt well dressed for a week in the Sun. So she had been able to turn himself away with his family and enjoyed the water. So she had with the guarantee had a much better holiday.

The swimsuit that made me slightly more on bathing holidays back straighter, was this amazing case here: Fantasie Versailles