Avoid cheap impulse purchases will be an expensive pleasure

This article will be opened with a little math.

but don’t worry. It is of the simple sort that can be solved with a little simple mental arithmetic.

I would like to introduce you to the concept, which in English is called cost per wear.

Cost per wear gives you a clue as to how much your clothes cost in proportion to how many times you have clothes on. When you look at your tøjkøb in this way, it can easily prove that an expensive purchase that you use very much, in the end will be a much better investment than a cheap buy, as you are only using a single time or two.

Let us look at an imaginary example: A kasmir sweater to 1200 kroner and an acrylic sweater to 200 KR.

You will be so glad your kasmir sweater that you have it on ten times over the course of a month. Your

acrylsweater is not nice to wear, so you have the only at once, before it gets put back in the cupboard and forgotten.

Cost per wear-the calculation looks like this:

1200/10 = 120 kr.
200/1 = 200 KR.

Thus, it becomes

, that was a cheap buy in the long end a costly investment, simply because you don’t get the clothes used.

Become wiser in your wardrobe
You can use cost per wear-calculation on the clothes you already have in the closet. A low cost per wear-sum says something about the fact that it is a type of clothing that you use a lot, and that it therefore make sense to buy more of. Conversely a high cost per wear-amount you a good idea of what clothes you’re not so happy and perhaps, therefore, should not purchase more of in the future.

eventually I use most the small figure piece when I’m shopping and stands with a piece of clothing by hand, as I am in doubt whether I should buy. So I review in the head, how often I think I’ll get the used vehicle and make cost per wear-calculation. I do not have a specific amount that my cost per wear must hit, but if I stand with a piece of clothing by hand to 500 euros which I estimate that I just want to get on a few occasions, I usually buy it, because for me would be a poor investment.

End with stupid impluskøb
On the way have cost per wear concept helped me rid of my urge to impulse buy like a crazy. In many, many years consisted a successful shopping sprees for me of coming home with as many purchases as possible. I could easily shop for 1500 USD in a very short time, and it was just about getting the most for your money. I bought in the period right much clothes that don’t cost much apiece but which nevertheless was an expensive pleasure, because it was given away for reuse without having been used more than once.

in the same period I was in constant tøjkrise, because even though I had really much clothing, I had not really something I bothered to wear. And at the same time I went around and øffede the fact that I could not afford to buy the slightly more expensive things, as I well knew would be inside inner a good investment in the long run.

Makes a good investment
What is expensive, and what’s cheap is a completely individual assessment.

I recently bought a pair of high-heeled shoes. They cost DKK 849, which to me is a lot of money, not least in the light of the fact that I have previously purchased cheaper shoes based on the assumption that I could get more couples. The vast majority of the shoes have just stood and filled in the closet because I never got them used because they were bad on my foot. Seen with cost per wear glasses have the cheaper shoes for me been a bad investment, because I never got them used. Seen with the same glasses, I know that my new shoes will be a good investment, because I get to use them again and again over the next several years.

I have so today only clothes in my wardrobe with a low cost per wear-amount? No.
I have individual pieces of clothing hanging, where I do not dare throw me out in making cost per wear-equation, because it’s ridiculously high. But these pieces of clothing are purchased wisely, as the high cost per wear award are all worth the money, because I feel like the most beautiful woman in the whole world, when there is a very rare occasion is a reason to have my full-length silk dress with hand printed pattern on that cost me a fortune.

Is it to buy expensive clothing a guarantee of succeskøb and a low cost per wear-amount? No.
I have two shirts from the Italian luxury brand Marina Rinaldi hanging. They are in cotton of the highest quality and shape sewed, but they’re just not me. So I never use them with high cost per wear-amount to follow.
They hang next to a polka dot polyester shirt from H & M, which I have used over and over again for many years, so the cost per wear-amount soon approaching 0.

think before you buy
Cost per wear is by no means an exact science, and what is a high or low cost per wear-amount will differ from person to person. And regardless of the cost per wear-amount you end up at the end of the day, cost of clothing now once it the amount stated on the price label. For me, it is a tool to just stop and think me an extra time, before I buy. On the way I avoid today indifferent impulse and, not least, the shop where I bought a piece of clothing in the past only because they could reach around my plus-body without actually doing something good for my figure.