Vara din County, Croatia

Vara din County, Croatia

The north of Croatia is the Vara din County. It is characterized by a special landscape and the surrounding area and covers a total area of ​​1,260 square kilometers. The neighboring country of Slovenia begins right next to the Vara din County.

One has the Vara din County in 6 Cities and a total of 22 parishes.

The geography of Vara din County

According to top-medical-schools, the Republic of Croatia has been divided into different counties. The northwest is covered by the Vara din County. This is one of the small of its kind and belongs to the area of ​​the Drautal. The Drava flows directly through the entire region and also crosses the towns and municipalities of the Vara din County.

If you are on holiday in Hungary or Austria, you can travel quickly and easily from there to the Vara din County, because this is, so to speak, a neighboring region of the two countries.

The very historic city of the same name, Varazdin, serves as the capital and administrative seat of the County of Vara din. It is the center of the Vara din County in every respect, from historical to economic and, above all, cultural.

The Vara din County is also very important for the whole of Croatia. It is one of the most important transport hubs in the republic and has a convenient location. As a result, the trade and the transfer of goods are very favored and promoted here. The transfer route that connects the central Danube valley with Zagreb and the northern Adriatic is particularly important. These can be reached through the roads of the Vara din County.

The historical city of Varazdin

Vara din County is home to one of the most impressive baroque cities of all. It is Varazdin himself who radiates an incredible shine. The music, the art and also the nature of that time, which have been preserved, are not only impressive witnesses of the bygone days, but also an important historical source for the entire Central European region.

The areas and natural landscapes that run through the Vara din County are absolutely worth seeing. The river Drava, which winds through the region and the forests, irrigates the clearings of the forest areas and finally complements the mountains Ravna Gora, Kalnik and Ivanscica perfectly, is one of the landmarks of the region.

It is said of the Drau Valley region that both the historical and cultural heritage of the entire Croatian people can be found here. The rich legacies of the ancestors are well preserved and can be viewed in a wide variety of museums.

Tourism in Vara din County

Due to the wonderful landscapes and mountains, as well as the numerous historical monuments, the Vara din County is often used for excursions. Tourist visitors from home and abroad want to get to know and visit the region, which is the Croatian cultural cradle, better.

Basically, the tourist infrastructure is well developed here. Especially in the mountain regions you will find hotels that also cover ski tourism in winter. Between luxury restaurants and cozy bistros, you can experience and discover a lot here. In Vara din County, the Republic of Croatia shows its diverse side. And this applies not only to the landscapes, but also to the people and the various leisure activities that you can enjoy here at will.

Vara din County, Croatia