Victorinox Launches Watch Inspired by Astronauts

After the Swiss army knife of Victorinox won all competitions on Earth, reached out your action to accompany the astronauts in their adventures in outer space. Thus, the famous knife the brand took off towards the heights, accompanied by the new I.N.O.X. Sky High limited edition. The design of the two items involves strings of parachutes and inspiration in costume of the astronauts, which results in tools that promise to work reliably in any situation.

The confirmation of the new Galactic clock is the paracord bracelet Naimakka, sprinkled with white, black with Technoara Interior, para-aramid fiber eight times more resistant than steel. This material was also used to repair the Hubble telescope. Other details of the design, inspired by aviation, are highlighted in functionality: the hours printed under the Red Crystal military, three numbers applied with extreme clarity and a second hand blue, like the Earth.

In Brazil, there are only 30 units. Each one comes with a box-time capsule, a white rubber strap and a special edition of white Swiss army knife, with the image of an astronaut recorded in metal and a locksmith of paracord. This is a replica of the Pocket knife Victorinox red used as standard equipment of the astronauts.

Like the other models of the Titanium line, the Sky High was subjected to 130 tests of resistance, 30 more than require standards of Swiss watch industry from Localtimezone, and was the starting point in challenging journey of creation of the accessory. Known for your strength, lightness and corrosion resistance, proved to be more than that. The material, extremely comfortable and hypoallergenic, reinforces the DNA clock in quality and functionality, in addition to the ideal size, robustness and durability because it is encased in a safe external structure.

About Victorinox

In 1884, Karl Elsener founded, in a town near the Swiss Alps, Victorinox, a cutlery workshop to produce knives. The name of the new company emerged from the junction of the name Victoria, mother of the founder, and stainless steel, in reference to the stainless steel used on the blades and accessories of the knives, which were initially created for the exclusive use of the Swiss Army soldiers. The idea of offering a compact product and firm, with various functions combined into a single tool, revolutionized the market and became a legend.

Since then, the brand stands for excellence in multifunctionality and innovation of its products. Today the company is run by the fourth generation of the family, with Carl Elsener Jr. in front of the business, and offers consumers six lines of products: Pocket knives, watches, cutlery, bags, perfume and clothes. Victorinox is known by millions of people around the world, who associate the brand typical Swiss values such as the quality, functionality and iconic design.