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by | December 27, 2016

Next time you go in the grocery store, you’ll come across tagged VRS Jackie, if you look past the clothing Department. Do you know already Our plus-brand Jackie, you can take it quite calmly. VRS Jackie is the same as Jackie. Mark has just got a new name in connection with the fact that Our other brands, Milla to younger women and Paprika to the more mature, has changed its name to respectively VRS Fashion and VRS Style.

Sanela Banda has since may been responsible for VRS Jackie. She stands for to give the brand a younger profile and must also ensure that the brand going forward maintains the profile, so that customers can recognize it from collection to collection. VRS Jackie consists of four annual collections that are continuously coming in stores.

– It is my primary task to put together from the best of Jackie VRS VRS Style and VRS Fashion. VRS Jackie is as a starting point, the same as the other two brands. Here are the various pieces of clothing just addressed to, so they fit into a larger body. At the same time, I also increase the focus on finding more styles that only come with in VRS Jackie-collection brand gets his very own profile, says Sanela


the special focus
It is important that there is a particular focus on VRS Jackie, tells Sanela Banda:
– we place much emphasis on the small details that make the big difference. We work extensively with finding just the right cut and the perfect cut, which means that the vehicle fits well and is comfortable to wear.

in addition to Sanela Banda consists team behind VRS Jackie of a designer who adapts the vehicle from VRS Style and VRS Fashion. Together with Danish Super market other designers take on annual inspirational trips to for example London, New York or Paris in order to glean the latest trends and follows continuously with in various trend agents predictions.

excellent prices and high quality
SANELA Banda tells that the grocery store has many customers who come into the business solely to buy clothes:
– they do, because they know they can buy clothes in the same quality as equivalent brands. You can get a head to toe look that is both modern and smart just at a lower price than what you will pay elsewhere.

Prices on VRS Jackie typically range from 99 USD for basic garments and up to 499 USD for a piece of outerwear.

Sanela Banda emphasises that even if the price is at the low end, there will be no compromises with the quality:
– We can keep prices down, because we even take the vehicle home from the producers and sends it directly in stores. Therefore, we do not have the costs of an expensive middlemen, as it is ultimately the customers who pay for.

VRS Jakies new autumn collection is in stores now. You will find the whole collection in the grocery store, while selected styles also will be sold in Føtex.

Kimono from VRS Jackie – see how you can style the

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