Was College Inspires Autumn/Winter of Blue Bird Shoes

The Blue Bird Shoes went back in time to compose 2017 winter collection. Named To Cool for School presents models of shoes that transiting between school and work, the shoe that goes from day to evening in style, attitude and comfort, main features of the mark. The partners Michelle Lima and Paula Proushan propose for this fall/winter looks easy chic composed of versatile boots and of course the classic loafers, which for this season receive coverage in velvet and prints in animal print.

The college was the years 80, in which accessories completed the looks dictating the tone was the kick of inspiration for this collection that blends the technological future and constant transformation that the world is passing. “At that time we had a break of technology and computing, large companies and brands began to emerge. Are these models and these attitudes that adorn our shoes, drawing a parallel with what is lived today, “says Michelle Lima, partner and founder of the brand.

“The comfort and fun messages are still present in footwear, after all are the DNA of the Blue Bird,” says Paula Proushan, partner and founder of the brand. They are exploited in fun symbols of the College season and the duo imagines to be the communication of the future: how the coats of schools, teams, symbols and emojis.

Michelle and Paula have wagered in cheerful colours like orange, red, Klein Blue, wine and an extensive range of greens, besides the classic Brown, black, marine and burgundy. For the textures The brand brings velvet, jeans, varnish, embroidery, silk satin, twills and the Jacquares Sofisticadíssimos.

About the Blue Bird Shoes
Of the partners Michelle Lima and Paula Proushan, the brand created in 2013 is the result of the development of a fashion for contemporary, creative and custom shoes. Brazilian, Blue Bird Shoes without heel shoes betting and focuses your slippers from iamhigher, us production model that was born in the 15th century to warm the feet of European royalty in their homes, that since your modernization in 60 years is also called loafer. Manufactured handmade way – Assembly of the product is made in following the process of rail assembly line of Italian factories – the BLUE BIRD shoes are produced 100% leather, from the bottom up to the ceiling. The templates are and each one brings your own history, created and told by the duo who signs the brand. The trademark Blue Bird is a blue grosgrain. “klein”, present in the heel and all models. Currently, there are three stores in São Paulo, presence in 20 multibrand, besides permanent showroom in New York.