We Reviewed The Successes (And Failures) of The Last Collaborations of H & M with Great Designers

Is no longer a secret the bombshell that Lanvin will be the signing that collaborate with H & M to create a collection that will go on sale in 200 establishments in H & M all over the world. After many maneuvers of cluelessness, it is known that Alber Elbaz will be responsible for the female part and Lucas Ossendrijver (male collections of Lanvin Designer) for male part.

Seems that this collaboration only you would expect something good, but today I propose that we take the view back to the four latest collections H & M has put on sale with a prestigious background designer. They were all as good as our expectations believed?

In 2008 the collection he created the firm arose Comme des Garçons for the Swedish chain. He promised much, but the truth is that clothing was hung from hangers for months. Prices excessively high combined with a poor quality and some pretty bad designs made that it was not a success.

These were some female models that were presented:

And these few male:

I think it was a pretty pitiful collection. Apparently, in Asian countries as China or Japan, It was a success, although in the West was a failure. The garments were sold, but all collaboration was in the excitement of waiting for the designs. Then he spent without penalty or glory. It was clear that it was not a collection intended for Western-style.

For us, the shirts were filled with extravagant colors.

And t-shirts and pants were filled with polka dots:

Months after this small disaster turned to promise an imminent great collaboration between H & M and a new extraordinary Designer. Perhaps it was something recent disaster of Comme des Garçons, but desire to summer and the huge advertising campaign deployed made us all want any garment. Matthew Williamson was the next to try his luck:

Even the designer himself was photographed with his creation to give more hype to their collaboration:

This collection was quite successful. The female part filled Caftans, gauzy dresses and accessories. The price was still high, but this time the collaboration was better with Comme des Garçons. The male part also stayed at spars for quite some time. Colors pants had just passed from fashion and models of suits which were presented did not have the quality that its price is assumed. For us guys it was a deep disappointment (although improved with respect to the Comme des Garçons).

This model of jacket was left hanging for months:

They returned to spend months and a new partnership was in sight. They sounded several names in the air (it was rumors that Galliano would be next), but after a time it was discovered that it would be the firm Jimmy Choo. At the beginning it was believed that it would only be a collection of shoes, although it was soon denied: would be two collections, one male and another female, full of accessories and some pieces of clothing.

The female part was quite successful. It was full of dresses and shoes that flew tents (I confess that I didn’t see the collection by the speed with which were all):

The male was much worse. Two or three models of shoes, a belt, and almost nothing clothes just arose.

And were not the shoes, nor much less, what we expected:

Finally, this same year 2010, Sonia Rykiel dared to collaborate with H & M. someone knows anything about this collection? He had hardly advertising transcendence.

Moreover, we only presented a small collection of female and a part of lingerie, but nothing for men:

Here you have the video of the opening of a H & M French on the day in which the Sonia Rykiel collection was put on sale. Don’t miss a detail of the fights of these beasts:

For this reason, we can now say that contributions from great designers with H & M have been for women, quite satisfactory, although for us, quite disappointing. It is always promised much, but the clothes ends up being a very low quality and too high prices (in our case, because for women almost always seems to do well the thing). Although it is true that the Swedish firm had never had the opportunity of having a designer of such category as Alber Elbaz to create your new project. Despite that, I’m not going to do illusions, because it may be that in the end, all follow being so far: much publicity, but low-quality.

How do you think that will be the collection of Lanvin for H & M?