Wedding Dresses by Camilla Gabbai

Camilla Gabbai is the newest designer of the brides.Formed in architecture, Camilla decided to devote herself to her passion-wedding dress and party dress 2 years ago, soon after her wedding.

“After I was married, an old passion for working with dresses was born again.Passion that was encouraged by my mother, but she passed away when I was 8 years old and the dream fell asleep.When my mother was alive, she took me to choose fabrics and to make the models that I idealized in a seamstress of Santos ”

The stylist explained the step by step to the creation of the dresses.Check it:

Chat-the first step is to talk to the bride.Also sent a style questionnaire developed by the stylist, so it is possible to know the taste and profile of the client.

Budget-It is important to define the budget for creating the sketches.

Moulage-the next step is moulage-three-dimensional modeling technique, that is, no paper molds are used to make the pieces.Camilla strips all the measurements of the client and makes a three-dimensional mold in the measurements of each one.In this process a raw cotton fabric is used, this modeling is the first contact with the dress, it is defined in size of neckline, tail, trim, etc.With everything settled in the moulage begins the process of cutting the fabrics chosen for the dress.

Check out some dresses by the stylist Camilla Gabbai

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