What to See in Prague (Czech Republic)

What to See in Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague is located in the west of the Czech Republic, on the banks of the Vltava River. As a result of a long historical development (since the end of the 9th century), a number of main historical districts have developed in the city: Josefov – an ancient Jewish ghetto; Old Town – the oldest district of Prague, founded in the X century; Malaya Strana – the place where the first German settlers settled in the 13th century; New City – founded under Emperor Charles in the XIV century. The last in a series of ancient districts of the city were built Hradchany (XIV – XV centuries).

It is almost impossible to describe all the sights of Prague, and even a year is not enough to visit them.

Prague Castle – was founded in 1320 and became known as the “Royal Castle”. On the Hradcany Square in front of the Prague Castle there are: the Mariinsky Column, the Hradcany Town Hall (XVII century), the Tuscan Palace (XVII century), the Schwarzenberg Palace, the Archbishop’s Palace. Prague Castle itself – the main historical relic of the country – is a complete fortress ensemble. The Toy Museum is the most interesting and largest branch of the Munich Toy Museum, located in one of the buildings of the Prague Castle. The museum displays both old and modern toys. Only about 5000 copies.

According to ITYPEJOB, Malaya Strana is a city quarter that has retained its unchanged appearance for more than a century and a half.

Old Town Square – Heart of Prague – the most popular attraction of the capital. Against the backdrop of luxurious facades, bloody events have played out here more than once in the last century. The cross in front of the town hall marks the place where the scaffold used to be. It is on this square that the famous clock with dolls moving every hour and a complex astrological dial are located. There is also a monument to Jan Hus on the square.

Wenceslas Square – in the 19th century, mass demonstrations and grand rallies took place here, but today it is more of a boulevard with chic hotels, fashion boutiques, fashion houses, beauty salons, night bars, discos. There is also a monument to the ruler of Bohemia – Wenceslas. It was under him, in the 10th century, that Prague acquired the status of the capital.

When Bohemia became a kingdom, in Prague erected the first residence of the kings – Vysehrad. The Visegrad Fortress, built in the 17th century, rises here, next to the Slavia cemetery, where many prominent people of the country are buried.

During the reign of Charles 4 (1346-1378), Hradcany became the royal residence – a part of the city on a hill on the left bank of the Vltava.

Many remarkable places are associated with the name of Karl. In 1348 The University of Prague was founded. From 1347 to 1378 Charles Bridge was built (length 520m). Now it is considered one of the most beautiful bridges spanning the Vltava. Along its entire length are 24 figures of saints. Charles Square is located in the New Town (commercial area of Prague).

Also interesting for tourists are such areas of Prague. like Loreta with the Capuchin monastery, Petrin with a park and an observation tower, Troy with a zoo.

Many museums are scattered throughout the city. These are the National Museum, the Prague City Museum, the Prague City Gallery, the Troyan Castle, the Wax Museum, the Czech Glass Museum.

Prague is known for its restaurants and pubs. They perfectly complement the medieval spirit of the city. For example, the oldest beer hall “U Fleku” was founded in 1499. There is a tradition in the restaurant “At the Chalice”: Visitors paint on the walls. Here you can find the signatures of very famous people.

Black Dul (Czech Republic)

The city has a favorable geographical location. Cherny Dul is located between the towns of Spindlerov Mlyn and Pec pod Snezka, near the resort town of Janske Lazne, at the foot of the Cerna Hora mountain (1299 m). At first the city was a small place, but with the development of the tourist business and interest in skiing, Black Dul has become a great place to relax. During the season, more than 5,000 people rest here every month. The city has all the conditions for a wonderful holiday: restaurants, sports and entertainment centers, discos. Most of the guests of the city are tourists from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium.

The Black Dul Ski Park is located at an altitude of 600-1000 m. It includes 7 slopes for adults (3 “blue” and 2 “red” slopes) and 2 children’s slopes, as well as cross-country ski slopes and a funpark for snowboarders. The total length of the slopes is 4.83 km.

Black Dul (Czech Republic)