With News, Digital Paper Tablet Is Relaunched by Sony

by | November 6, 2017

Without making much noise, Sony presented yesterday(25) the new version of its tablet Digital Paper. The DPT-RP1 comes in to replace the DPS1 and manages to expand the good features of the old model, which is a kind of Kindle with writing support, with an E-Ink built screen.

Presented by Sony as “the 21st century writing and reading tool,” the new Digital Paper promises natural writing thanks to the combination of stylus pen and optimized panel. One of the most positive aspects of the new device is the touch-up made by the manufacturer in the touch screen layer, ensuring more accuracy and improved response time.

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Displaying 16 different levels of gray, the screen still has 13.3 inches, resolution of 2200×1650 pixels and offers plenty of room for reading and writing. The gadget has had its chassis refurbished, brings softer edges, with 5.9mm thick, and weighs only 349 grams.

New Digital Paper was released this Thursday(25) by Sony

Beautiful and efficient

With support for WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connections, the new Digital Paper maintains the same energy efficiency as its predecessor. This means that a full charge, carried out in approximately 3 hours, lasts about two weeks.

The device is already on sale on the Sony site and each unit leaves for $ 699.99, around $ 2,300. The basic kit includes the tablet from Etaizhou, a USB cable and also a stylus pen. There is no information on when(and not if) Digital Paper will be sold in Brazil.