Women’s Pants:Tips and 65 Models and Looks Incredible!

The feminine caramel pants is one of the pieces it of the moment. It is in everything: in the streets, on the catwalks, in the events. The famous and fashion conscious have already chosen her as one of the darlings of the wardrobe, because it guarantees a modern look and very versatile, as it combines with various pieces.

The caramel can also be confused with several other tones, but they complement each other, so it does not make much difference when it comes to creating the look. Tones such as brown, nude, beige, copper and gold can be confused with caramel, but not for nothing, since they are very similar indeed.

This color is known to be neutral, being perfect, then to be used with any type of combination.In addition, it conveys a lot of class and serenity, so it is also very required for work environments.

It is also worth remembering that the caramel is well related to iconic styles like Country, Boho , Folk and Hippie .The pants with this color can be ideal to create looks for shows from backwoods, rodeo and other event of the rural and rural universe.

Want to know how to dress well with a pair of candy pants? Follow this post we prepared for you with much affection * – *

Models of Caramel Women’s Pants

There are many models of feminine caramel pants present in the fashion market nowadays. You will not believe how much beautiful piece there is and it works well on different occasions.

Are you afraid to use color?With this selection of tips and photos you will be surprised and want to wear several looks, you will see!

Jeans and Sarja

The models of caramel pants in jeans or twill are the best known and used. They are casual fabrics, ideal for day-to-day day trips and on work occasions when they are more informal.

When well structured and with great finish, they can also be bet for weddings, especially those that happen during the day.

There are models of jeans and skinny twill, well closed in the leg, and flare, better known as bell mouth, wide in the bar. Both models can be used with any type of footwear, as long as it does not drag on the floor.

Here are some amazing looks with jeans and twill in caramel color:

High Waist and Hot Pants

High waist pants are super trendy. They are at the height of the navel and become an option for the most varied occasions, from the most relaxed to the most sophisticated. It is the best bet even to wear with short blouses, like the top cropped ones.

There are caramel pants with high waist or hotpants of various types.There are in tailoring, with fine fabrics, twill, jeans, leather, suede.You have a huge variety of models to choose from and razzle.

The pants with the higher waist give more sophistication to the look and elegance for the silhouette.It helps maintain the balance of the look and lengthen the body and is great for all types of biotypes.

Ah!The caramel is a bet for girls who want to raise their hips, see?

See our selection of caramel pants with high waist and hotpants to inspire you:


No doubt you’ve heard of flare pants, have not you? It is also known as bell mouth pants, which had its heyday in the 70’s and continue to make the girls head.Today, it appears in various fabrics, as varied as possible.

This model can be used by all girls, taking certain care, for example, with the pants bar, which can not be dragging on the floor.

Anyone who wants to stretch the silhouette can risk it without fear, also wearing jump boots or sandals to promote the same effect.Sneakers can be worn, yes – as we stated in this post – but be careful that they do not flatten the look.

Meet the models of feminine caramel pants flare:


Pant trousers are synonymous with comfort. They are large and, in fact, very cozy , being great for a full day’s work, for example.But that does not make her a stripped-down piece.Many of the pantaloons are worn in environments that demand elegance.

The models with the most caramel color seen out there are the pantacourt , pants pants with the shorter bars, which we can call cropped.They usually come in tailoring, in fine fabrics like crepe or suede.

It takes personality to invest in this outfit, because it is not very well known and is still conquering women, little by little. But if you want a model of modern and feminine caramel pants, you can invest in this.

Check out the looks we have selected for you:


If you have a model of pants caramelo that draws the attention for its sensuality is the one of bandage.This fabric imparts enough firmness to the silhouette, correcting imperfections and marking the curves in a sensual but elegant way.

The most viewed modeling in the stores is the flare or bell mouth .Bandage pants are indicated for many occasions, but you have to be careful with the combinations, since they mark the body a lot.

If you want a look for work with bandage pants, prefer more discreet shirts, for example.If it is to go out with her boyfriend or her friends, there is no mistake, this model is incredible!

Take a look at the looks with feminine caramel pants:


Leather pants is the face of winter, if it is in the caramel color, then it gets a luxury.It may be legitimate leather or eco leather, no matter a lot, the modern and sophisticated result will be the same.

This is a piece well used in country or country events, because leather refers to rural environments, such as farms.Do you have a rodeo or vaquejada ?The leather caramel pants can look perfect!

See our looks tips for you to be inspired:


The cirré is a synthetic fabric that imitates the leather and is very high.We often see the famous betting on models with this fabric, especially in leggings.

Because the fabric is glossy, it is not very suitable for very formal environments such as work meetings and churches.

Know how to use the cirré fabric in candy pants:


The riding pants are those inspired by the pieces used by the Amazons to ride.In the current fashion they were adapted to be worn with boots, which we also call a mount.The caramel color suits this style very much.

They are like leggings, which stick to the body, marking the silhouette a lot.However, they have a zippered waistband and button, which sets them apart from gym pants.

Take a look at the looks we brought:

Match with…? How to Wear/Looks

With cropped

Croppeds are in everything, are not they? They can not stay out of the fashion of the caramel pants too! The Boho and Folk styles combine the most with this type of look, because the earthy tone of the pants refers to nature, and usually delicate croppeds or jeans are the most chosen.

The best request is a high waist pants to be used with the cropped to ensure a well-balanced look without vulgarizing.

Want to know how to create gorgeous looks of candy pants + cropped?Look:

With white blouse

Caramel and white are the perfect match, there’s no mistake. If you want an elegant look bet on this pair. You can choose basic white t-shirts, regattas, long sleeve t-shirts, wives and, especially, tailor’s shirts.

This combination leaves the look light and very sophisticated, as well as giving wings to the imagination when it comes to choosing shoes and accessories such as belt, purse and bijouterias.

Check below the wonderful looks with this fashion junction:

With jeans shirt

Another trend piece that works super well with the caramel is the jeans shirt.They are, in fact, the two pieces that most strengthen the country theme , becoming the main choice of girls who enjoy rodeos and shows of sertanejo throughout Brazil.

The cool thing is that the jeans shirt can be used in several ways. As a top piece, she can have her sleeves folded and gain a knot to give her an extra charm.In addition, it is possible to open two or three buttons and wear a blouse underneath.As a third piece she can complement looks with basic t-shirts.

Get inspired with our ideas of caramel pants with jeans shirts:

With boot

Have doubts of what to put on your feet when it comes to riding a look with feminine caramel pants? Know that boots are great in this case, especially short or medium boots.

Even the pants being discreet, it draws attention because it is not very common and has a clear coloration.Thus, the boots with long barrel will dispute the starring of the look with her.

You can wear boot with skinny pants or bell mouth, no problem.

See the pants that we have separated for you to know and copy:

With sneaker

Sneakers are always comfortable and we want to fit them for any type of event, right?But we do not always know if we can use it without making it ugly and we end up investing in high heels so as not to take the risk.

Well, know that the caramel pants combines a lot with sneakers! You can be very comfortable with this type of look, especially if it is adopted for informal outings.

Want to be inspired?Here’s what we’ve selected for you:

Ah! Not only do sneakers and boots look good with feminine caramel pants, no! Casual sneakers can also be chosen to match this wonderful piece. Look at this beautiful Kendall Jenner look:

I hope you have enjoyed knowing the tips and looks with feminine caramel pants.Do not forget to create several modern and beautiful possibilities for your look!