Zadar County, Croatia

Zadar County, Croatia

Endless beaches and coastal strips run through the entire Zadar County. It is not without reason one of the most popular holiday regions for national and international visitors tourists. The crystal clear water of the Adriatic attracts thousands in the summer months out to the sea. The beaches are mainly covered with fine gravel or stones. In some regions the Adriatic even meets sandy beaches. These are usually a bit coarser and yet fascinatingly beautiful.

Geography of the Zadar County

According to searchforpublicschools, the Croatian region of Dalmatia is where the Zadar County can be found. It encloses the entire north of Dalmatia. The city of Zadar and several offshore islands also belong to it. Furthermore, the so-called hinterland of the Adriatic is located here. The area of ​​the Zadar County borders directly on the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. In total, the Zadar County has 3,643 square kilometers on which 162,045 people live. The city of Zadar was named as the administrative center. The Zadar County consists of 6 cities and 28 municipalities.

Living and working in Zadar County

After the end of the war, the Serbs who had fled back began to migrate. Today, numerous displaced families and refugee Serbs come back to Croatia every year. The number of the population is steadily increasing here as well. In this matter, the Zadar County is no exception to the rest of the areas of the Republic of Croatia.

Sights and tourism of the Zadar County

Without question, tourism is not only the main source of income for the entire region, but also the focus of the entire infrastructure of the Zadar County. If you want to spend your vacation here, you can look forward to a lot of variety. In addition to the good tourist facilities, some of which are offered by the hotels, the guests of holiday homes can also undertake many leisure activities. Among other things, a variety of water sports and excursions to the sea and the surrounding area are offered by some external organizers.

The numerous churches and chapels that are distributed throughout the entire Zadar County are well worth seeing. The Maria Bogorodica chapel is one of them. It is located on the local beach and can be easily reached from the Metajna village promenade. This chapel itself impresses with its fascinating architecture and its significant interior fittings.

The chapel was built as early as 1487 and planned and built by Master Nikola from Sibenik.

However, it is not the only attraction in Zadar County. The other churches and chapels attract numerous visitors from all over the world. The historical city center of the places also plays a major role. Because here is a very romantic atmosphere. You quickly feel transported back in time when you take a stroll here in the warm summer sunset.

A visit to the adjacent restaurants along the promenade and the coastal strip is particularly recommended. Freshly caught fish is always prepared and served there. The particularly nice thing about the tasty dishes is that they are available at lowprices. Compared to many other holiday countries, Croatia is very inexpensive. However, the quality of the products offered does not suffer from these low prices. Because specialties from the region are offered here, which can be grown, harvested or caught right on the doorstep. Long transport routes are no longer necessary.

Zadar County, Croatia