Zagreb County, Croatia

Zagreb County, Croatia

Zagreb County refers to a region in Croatia. Here is the landscape of this beautiful environment in the heart of the north of the country. As the name suggests, the Croatian capital is also located here. Zagreb is not only an important transport hub for the entire country,business and finances, but of course also for the Zagreb County of great importance.

Life and Economy in Zagreb County

Today there are more than 309,690 residents in the Zagreb region. The Zagreb County extends over a total area of ​​3,078 square kilometers. The city of Zagreb serves as the administrative seat, which in turn is self-governing and so cannot be viewed directly as part of the Zagreb County. The city itself is a separate county, which often causes confusion for outsiders and travelers.

The population, on the other hand, has already got used to this organization.

According to localcollegeexplorer, the Zagreb County consists of a total of 9 cities and a total of 25 municipalities. Life in Zagreb is shaped in different ways. On the one hand you can find large branches of industry and on the other hand extensive agriculture. The people who live here work in a wide variety of industries. In addition to industry, tourism is also an important economic factor for the entire county. Many holidaymakers come here from home and abroad to experience the Croatian region and to spend relaxing days.

As a family with children, you will find very nice farms in the offer of the tour operator. Farm holidays are not a problem in Zagreb County. In addition, numerous hotels and apartments have been built that look forward to a visit.

The round trips through the region as well as the holidays on the pony farm are particularly popular with children and young people. You can enjoy the full beauty of the natural landscape that is located around the Zagreb County on an excursion or horse ride.

Sights in Zagreb County

The so-called wine route is particularly worth seeing. The many castles from bygone times are also a nice alternative to the conventional tourist structure. On the beach promenades and in the beautiful old town, you can always find architecturally splendid buildings. Many modern houses were mixed with historical buildings, especially in the inner city area. What forms a very varied cityscape today. If you don’t want to be infected by the tourist hustle and bustle in the old town area, you can also visit the numerous boutiques outside the inner city area. By the way: The action is absolutely common in boutiques and shops in Croatia. So if you are looking for some nice holiday bargains, you can also go shopping here in the Zagreb County. However, one should never forget that these shops, for all the hospitality of the Croatians, are mostly only visited by tourists. The Croatians themselves often avoid these shops.

A little outside of the city center you can find vast landscapes. Here you can relax from a strenuous shopping trip. A visit to a restaurant with typical local cuisine is also recommended. The dishes and traditional dishes often consist of vegetables, fish, potatoes or grilled meat. In Croatia, socializing and enjoying the food is part of it, like a glass of good Croatian wine.

Zagreb County, Croatia