ZTE Eco-Mobius, a New Smartphone Concept Modular So Baba Fall Us

It is not the first modular concept that we see, as Motorola already gave us the long teeth with its Ara Project a few months ago, although the fact that ZTE has wanted to teach his Eco-Mobius at CES 2014 tells us that these designs will seriously face the future.

The ZTE Eco-Mobius It is a smartphone designed, modular concept so that users can choose components that interest them and update them without the need to purchase new complete smartphones that do not take advantage of all its capabilities.

This device from ZTE will be prepared for that users can exchange easily and using magnetic modules the CPU like RAM or internal storage, as well as the camera memory and other aspects, the GPU and battery.

It’s a platform where is located the display and the base plates, with a few bays for modules that you can configure to our liking.

At the moment it is only a concept, although ZTE appears to have been very interested in this type of device, with what you could expect that medium-term we see something similar on the market. Sure that there would be many users who would like a device of this type.

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