Cotton Thermal Underwear Ladies

The cold weather has really bitten stuck, and it’s time for an extra layer of clothing to keep warm

Here you get lovely vests in natural materials with added a bit of stretch, so your body can both breath and move in a pleasant way.

1 Long model – good slips, also available in black, up to size 60, 149 USD + shipping, Ellös plus collection (49% 49% viscose, cotton and 2% elastane) Continue reading

Positive Saying About Plus Size Models

My general attitude to life is that the glass is half full. Always. The glass is half full is for me equal to that I am still able to act and take a choice. I even can choose and thus affecting my life. There are enough people on my way who do not necessarily want me the best and with that in mind, there is no reason why I even put further obstacles on my way. Continue reading

Curvy Girl Fashion Show

As some of you probably already have discovered, I was earlier in the week to modem essen Curvy is sexy in Berlin.
I had been looking forward to the fair with high expectations when I in advance was very seduced by the title of the show, which led my thoughts towards smart, delicious and ontrend clothing. I had a clear expectation of coming home from the fair with plenty and inspiration and new brands to share with you dear readers who like Kristine and I have interest in smart and trendy clothes. Continue reading