Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch

Comes from China an affordable but not absolutely ruled out for those seeking a smartwatch valid without spending big bucks. As smart watches, Zeblaze is one of the many China-based company specialized in the production of accessories for mobile devices that could not fail to make its first smartwatch, really interesting from the point of view of materials that cost, definitely very content.

Let me start by saying Zeblaze Rover is made completely with a metal shell, the display is a drive from 1.54 inch 240 x 240 TFT IPS covered by tempered glass OGS whilst inside there is a MediaTek MT2501 processor clocked at only 108 Mhz, 24 MB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and 250 mAh battery. Continue reading

Decorative Shelving Units for Walls

Used in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, bathroom and service area, the shelves allow decoration with full of charm. Learn how to get the right product for your space.

Some products fulfill two functions and become key parts in various rooms, such as decorative shelves. They can be installed in several rooms of the house such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and service areas. In every room, they decorate and help organize.

When choosing the product that best suits the space, consider some features. First, consider the type of product: it is niche or shelf – the first allows you to use creativity and mount your bookshelf to your style by customizing the space, while the second has a predefined structure.

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Moto 360 Circular Smartwatch Released by Motorola

Bulgarian consumers who are starting to look smart watches as increasingly attractive accessory will soon have the opportunity to acquire an attractive Motorola devices in this segment – Moto 360. That clever chasopvnik will be on the local market this weekend, promise operator VIVACOM, which intends to offer limited quantities of models in selected stores in its sales network.

In case you missed or forgotten, the Motorola the Moto 360 runs on Android Wear and can be synchronized with all models of smartphones with version 4.3 of Android or higher than it. In addition, Moto 360 features quality craftsmanship and elegant design that follows the classic form of a wristwatch. The handy LCD display has a diameter of 1.56 inches and is made ​​in stainless steel, accompanied by ukozhena leash. The dial is protected by scratch-coated Gorilla Glass.

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Samsung Gear S2 Europe

According to HealthVV, the Band Samsung Adapter for Gear S2 starts to peep on the market; the first sighting is on e-shop German telefon.de, but we found evidence in other countries such as Belgium. The price is around 25-30 €, and is made available in two colours: white/light grey and dark grey. The component allows shoppers to apply the smartwatch party exploiting the straps standard in place of the owner designed by Samsung.

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Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

As noted above in the article, Pebble and Samsung are the main candidates for the consumer baskets among participants that are currently actually present on the market. There are many other proposals, but so far they can not generate sales that make us count them for athletes in this battle. You can familiarize yourself with some of these products in our catalog smart watches. I will only mention Qualcomm’s Toq, Omate TrueSmart, COOKOO, I’M Watch, Metawatch, Kreyos, Martian As a Passport, the Neptune the Pine, the Hot Smartwatch, VACHEN, Agent Smartwatchm the TomTom (Runner and Runner Cardio), etc. Some of these products not yet delivered, and the future of others is doubtful!

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Executive Summary of Smartwatch

Each technology has its peak in the development and market attractiveness. People and manufacturers have different reasons for seeking new technology hit, but this search is definitely embedded in the nature of both groups. Current focuses of consumer interest globally are smart phones and tablets, but they are increasingly becoming household appliances, which is less able to enhance the incessant hunger for innovation and progress. For manufacturers fatigue market means a drop in corporate profits and shareholders was very angry at that. So look for a solution. According to us, obviously and as increasingly technological world leaders answer may be called. electronics to wear, and in particular – smart watches. For the term “portable devices” soon we will have a separate article, so I will now concentrate on the niche of smart watches.

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Pebble Smart Watch

It’s about the Pebble – the undisputed favorite in 2013 the audience that is interested in smart watches. Pebble is a series of smart watches developed by Pebble Technology Corporation, whose first model was released in 2013 after successfully raising funds from shared funding platform Kickstarter. In fact, in such platforms they were born and died away quite independent projects for smart watches. But Pebble succeeded. Under the success we mean the amount collected 10.3 million dollars, which makes the “startup” Pebble most successful product campaign ever held in the popular Kickstarter. The evidence suggests that the first 100,000 dollars were collected for two hours, and 6 days become 4.7 million. After a few days Pebble closed fundraiser and began preparing for production. Deliveries began in January 2013. The first 85 000 units had to reach participants in the financing. In July they started and normal supply to the market. Currently Pebble sold (even sold out for days) in major commercial networks such as Best Buy, Target, AT & T and Amazon.com. Even recently we had a deficit of production, but things are normal. Things sound rather bombastic, yet Pebble e niche product in this big world reaches mainly to limited and specialized audience of tech fans (ie. Early adopters).

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Smart Clock Moto 360 Android Wear

The second already announced smart watch with Android Wear e impressive Moto 360 of Motorola. It is promised for the summer, but probably it will happen at the end of this season. There is also a lot of speculation about the details Moto 360, but this widget is already a hit with the audience. Extremely impressive classic design and quality materials sparked unprecedented interest in Moto 360 has become the most favored and desired candidate for the “first smart watch life” for most of the interested users. More about Moto 360 you can learn from the news and articles us about it, we have gathered Shopareview.

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The Most Interesting Smart Watches From CES

CES 2015 is over and as each year brought us a lot of interesting devices. We decided that we bring several parts Summary Week, dedicated to CES. In this section we will focus on the most interesting smart watches and bracelets that were on this year’s CES introduced.

Garmin Fenix ​​3, Epix and Vivoactive

Interesting watch brought by Garmin, which is known for GPS smartwatch. The first of the trio presented watches – Fenix ​​3 contain a huge amount of features. As the only type of this trio have a round display. They contain a GPS system and sensors, such as a barometer, compass and pedometer. These watches will be useful to measure your physical activity and navigate on a route. It means for example that if you go jogging on the smartphone can mark out the route that you show to watch and watch you while running measured eg. Your speed and elevation. When going for a swim, so you watch Fenix ​​3 will measure how much do temp. They are waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. It is therefore a great helper in life, and I watch all presented like the most. You will not, however, only a sports watch, will you display messages and notifications from your smartphone. Thanks to the platform, Connect IQ can look forward to applications from third-party developers. They will be available in several variants – the cheapest price starts at $ 500.

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