Sex During Pregnancy

“We’re pregnant!” In anticipation of the baby quickly various issues surrounding pregnancy and childbirth-mingle specifically, if it is the first child. A question is particularly important to expectant parents, but they don’t trust themselves often, really to put it: what is sex during pregnancy? Is he okay? Something feels the child? Can you hurt it? Continue reading

TRIWA Watches, Innovative And Extravagant Watches From Sweden

Today we want tointroduce you to our new brand TRIWA, which we have been online recently. TRIWA is a word creation and is composed of the English terms: TR ansformin the I ndustry of WA tches. The collection of this innovative watch designer is already at the first look different than what you know. Consistently, fashion trends and styles are not there, because TRIWA wants to set trends and not follow any currents without being behind it. So clearly it is like all other things synonymous in the first taste, but TRIWA watches are definitely not 08/15, which can be fixed at this point already times.

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10 Tips For Using the Basic T-Shirt the Right Way

Nowadays we have fashion lists of all types: list of essential clothing, parts of the station, the shoes, the major trends of the year, until what you don’t use at all. This post is about an item that is above the lists and the formulas of so versatile: the basic t-shirt men, that simple and cheap companion that fits into all the looks one way or another. Continue reading

Product Review: Samsung S8500 Wave-Part 2

The Bada-OS under the magnifying glass
The first part of my test report on the Samsung GT-S8500 Wave was mainly about the general face of the first Bada phone from Korean home. It is therefore time to look more closely at usability and functions. Even if the wave according to data sheet all possible features ready, the Samsung mobile phone is, of course, a smart phone. Therefore it should not be too complicated to make a call with the good piece. If you put the phone button into the dock, you have fast access to the keypad, the virtual keys are big, easy to hit and anyway the outgoing call with the “Touchwiz 3.0” (nasty tongues like to make the word touchwitz) none big challenge.
Even if I found nobody who has with me the promised seven hours of battery life in the 3G network, the 1500 mAh battery still leaves a good impression while making a phone call. After a two-hour call, which started with a full battery, the battery symbol showed more than two-thirds of the capacity. Exemplary! Also the voice quality can be heard: Pleasant sound and a good noise reduction make the Samsung a good phone. Continue reading

The Corset For Children: How To Learn To Wear It?

In What Cases Should A Corset Be Worn?


Corsets are  intended to stabilize deviations of the spine in cases of scoliosis and kyphosis . They treat the existing deformations and allow a more harmonious evolution of the rachis during the rest of the adolescent’s growth. The corset evolves at the same time as the child’s morphology. Continue reading

Top 3: Our Three Biggest Men’s Watches

The size of a wristwatch is a very individual decision of the watch carrier, because whether it likes rather large or small time knives, he must evaluate for himself. Nevertheless, the trend is more likely towards XXL watches, which are currently very popular. They should be impressive, striking and underline the masculine side of the owner. Because of their oversizedness, they leave a lasting impression on the opposing conversation partner because they immediately fall into the eye. Continue reading

P2 Volume Gloss Nail Polish “Funky Babe” – The Perfect Springpink

Somehow I break at the time more and more frequently from my nail polish routine and attack synonymous times to colors, which so far rather come too short. So my nails are currently immersed in a beautiful turquoise (blogpost follows!) And recently they shone again in the perfect spring spitz.

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