10 Wedding Dresses That Will Get You Leaner!

All brides idealize the day of their marriage. In addition to the numerous details of the party, they must be beautiful in incredible wedding dresses, at the very least. After all, it is the most special day of their lives, in which all eyes will be on them. That is why, in this context, one more worry arises: to be thin and beautiful for the day of the ceremony. Are you already thinking about it? Continue reading

Overview: Mobile Phone Tariff with Data Package

Order in the tariff jungle
The global purchase of smartphones is one of the dominant topics on the current mobile market. Away from the hardware, the time is ripe, that is times written about the tariffs. In the following article, I will now give an overview of the tariffs of German mobile operators, but this overview does not raise the claim to be complete, since the market is now very fragmented and thus no longer very clear.  Continue reading

TOP 10: Makeup Fashion Show-Fall!

The international fashion weeks are over and we get a lot of fashion and beauty tips that are going to be hit next season. There’s one thing we can put in practice: fashion show makeup!! Yes, the beauty tips are increasingly easy to copy so that trends emerge, so 10 incredible beauties I’ve seen separated by walkways of fashion weeks, come with me! Continue reading

Flowery Shoes Gain Prominence among the Trends of 2016

Summer  is a vibrant season and asks for more cheerful and colorful prints in the look.  Proof of this is that the flowery shoes have already painted in pre-collections of international brands such asLanvin, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta, which guarantees that the trend will be all in 2016. Therefore, the time to bet on floral shoes is now. Continue reading

How to Buy Underwear Online?

A few days ago, we talk here about the right way to buy Lingerie Online.

But our audience is not only female and it wasn’t long before our readers men asked, also, guidelines on the best way to buy underwear online! We at Specialità Lingerie we appreciate the suggestions and of course, let’s give cool tips to you too. Continue reading

New Microsoft Smartphones for Selfies Fans Come to Brazil

Lumia 730 and 735 have front cameras of Lumia 5 megapixels

Three new Lumias come to Brazil in the next few weeks, less than a month after they were launched at IFA 2014, in Germany. Presented as the top of the line more accessible, the Lumia 830 is the finest of the series Lumia, with only 8.5 mm and arrives in Brazil for R $1,199. Continue reading