Priyanka, Would a New Virus to WhatsApp?

In the last few hours several media are doing a so-called eco virus known as “Priyanka” It seems is spreading from yesterday through WhatsApp and that only affects to the popular instant messaging application.

The virus “Priyanka” for WhatsApp would be spreading as attachment of a contact to download and add to your Android device It would change the names of our group chat. Some media say even that would also change the name of WhatsApp contact list even if the original source only speaks of groups. Continue reading

Shoes, you can dance in (without losing the feet)

Where the world would be a nice place, if not we had soles that burned by too high heels – and a foot vang, who is not died slowly of dancing a whole night. But that is unfortunately not. Fortunately, skodesignerne completely with that it is not all of us who can swing around in sky-high stilettos all night long – and therefore there is glimmering, shiny, festive and shining shoes in the dance-friendly altitudes.

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LED Lamps: IP Protection Classes and Types

Electricity and Wasser(DAMPF) are anything but a dream team. In the bathroom you must not forgo light therefore still lucky-assuming the lamps comply with the appropriate IP protection classes. What is it with the IP protection class on and which lamp to use without hesitation where? Our article suggests BB´s. Continue reading

LilyPadHD, Multi-Client Chat That Simulates The Multi-Window

One of the most claimed functions for Android interface for tablets concerned is the function of multi-view, for the first time implemented natively in the Samsung Galaxy Note II, a feature that allowed us, among other things, to see overlapping videos while you are running other actions without fail to see shower window.

Developers Algunso have tried to make this effect with mul.titud applications, but so far they have failed to offer such an experience effectively. For the moment, the best thing we have in question on the LilyPad application, which allows for multi-view applied to Instant Messaging and does it in a very effective way. Continue reading

Lace has more fun

Up Christmas party, and immediately strikes something with lace. How is it at least with me. And as you saw on Momme yesterday:
Momme: for party in tight-fitting lace – opens in new window
– then it is really a great shortcut to a feminine and festive look. That is why we have found fabulous lace, above, which you can use for your next party – whether it’s company party, Christmas party with friends and family or just for a day, where there should be a little more on the mirror image than usual.

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How to Choose a Diaper Bag

While baby watch the tip of his nose, several materials and equipment must be prepared to receive it. Clothing, bottles, diapers, changing mat etc, everything won’t go in a simple purse! It necessarily requires a changing bag. Certainly, it is far from being the ideal accessory for the victims fashions. But when you have a baby, it represents the perfect solution to have everything in hand especially when it moves with a newborn. Like all other material for baby, this equipment of childcare is also available in several forms, many styles, several brands, etc. How to choose a diaper bag then can become problematic for parents. However, we can highlight certain criteria to refine the selection. Here they are!

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Spotbros Opens Its Applications Portal for All Developers

A week ago the Messenger service Spotbros He announced that already had a TMS application to complement applications offering themselves, based on instant messaging and in their SBMails. This was nothing more than an appetizer for what was preparing, as today made public the Developer Portal.

The SBPortal is the place developers interested in publishing an application within the own Spotbros of the same forming that there are already Wikipedia and consultations of film applications. From now on, anyone can publish an application in the portal without any charge, although a developer has to put the app on your own servers. Continue reading

Everyday heroes – under 500 us $.

we have them all together – garde robens heroes, we use over and over and over … it’s the jeans, knit shirts and tops, as always just pigeons when it says weekdays and 9-17 on the calendar. Not crazy fancy, but with exactly the little detail that makes it real. It can be a motif, a carving, a few sequins, a color combination – or just that it is clothes that are perfect for keeping features in open Office away. And then of course it is nice to have at.

maybe some of these everyday heroes, you just need?

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