Three wide belts and link two plus-belts

in the wake of our guide to leggings (opens in new window) will be sought after wide belts. You get three bids on them here.
At the bottom of the article you’ll get links to belts in General.

Fixed belt with Snap Fastener, approximately 114 100, ASOS

Tie belt, 99 USD + evt. freight, carmakoma
Also available in Brown

Elastic belt, ca. 40 USD + shipping, Inspire New Look


Belts at ASOS



Belts at Inspire New Look at Evans

Steal the style: Knew that rock the red carpet

There is one thing that always is to find on the Red Carpet: Leather! The raw material provides instant edge to any woman’s look, and also some of our favorites-love plus size leather rocked style. Just look here, where Denise Bidot has combined a leather corset with a soft skirt, and Amber Riley has opted for a jacket with leather sleeves. Or what about Melissa McCarthy’s new look in leather dress, and Queen Latifah’s more adult take on the style with a leather blazer. There are plenty of inspiration for your own look on the red carpet – and it’s not just for special occasions.

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Steal the style: Aidy Bryants modern retrolook

do you know Aidy Bryant? She is comedian and regular part of the team on Saturday Night Live – and really, really beard. We love her comedic timing and not least the amazing gaze, she has – both on the screen and on the red carpet. Her sweetness has so caught the us – and the same has her style. She loves 1950 ’ s silhouette with focus on the waist and a full skirt that balances her figure. In addition, she is one of the best with the black eyeliner and red lipstick! She is often seen in feminine dresses with short cardigans over – something that marks her delicate waist. And here she has recreated the silhouette with a full skirt in leather. The raw material gets a feminine touch, because she combines it with a transparent top and the simple suede peeptoe evening-pumps. A look that is easy to recreate the – whether you’re going to a party or out to eat.

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Say it with a t-shirt

If you’re tired of the same-colored blouses, a t-shirt with text can be a fine way to give life to your attire. But be careful that it does not end with the fact that it is the message that comes with you instead of the other way around.

do you have a big bust, it will get even more attention in a t-shirt with the text. If you do not wish this, you can go for a t-shirt in a dark color, because dark colors caomuflere instead of attracting attention, as the bright colors

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New season: Hippie trip

It is always a matter of time for past fashion returns with renewed forces. This year go looking all the way back to the 1970s hippie-style. Therefore, you will find plenty of patterns even in batik, loose cut and strong colors. You know the word hippie rears, so relax. For with this trend, it is easy to take an over-or subdivision and put it together with more a more classical item, so that it doesn’t get love, peace and harmony from head to toe.

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