This If It Is Speed: Collection Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 of Burberry Prorsum

If like me, you animasteis you yesterday to see live Burberry Prorsum at the Milan fashion week parade, you descubriríais the world of innovation that has managed to create the signature for next winter. All have already seen the coats of colors proposed, the berets of hair and the trench coats and raincoats, but what I have not been able to believe is that the collection lookbook is available from several hours ago. What a speed! Continue reading

Emporio Armani, Fall-Winter 2011 / 2012 at Milan Fashion Week

We continue with the Milan fashion week and get to the turn to another of the great kings of runways and men’s fashion in general: Armani. It is made of one of his two sons and that perhaps more sober, refined and elegant, Emporio Armani. And it is curious because she is one of the great fashion on an international level concerning, you cleared the proposals that have succeeded to day in the front row and backstage of large collections, with what is confirms that Armani does not need the rest to be enforced and certainly does not want to be framing him in any of the current trends. Continue reading

Prada, Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 at Milan Fashion Week

Prada back to leave open-mouthed to the staff, not only for their last parade regalia, within the framework of the The male Milan fashion week, but for the imaginary character through which recreates the story. And let me explain, why it seems the Italian was inspired in a street vendor of the years 60’s just a casino with his briefcase of samples included. Surprise you, but if we think, view to the above, but it could have been the protagonist of a film of desktop and/or series B, is fairly easy. Continue reading

Versace Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 at Milan Fashion Week

Thirteen years have passed since that Donatella take the reins of the empire founded by his brother, after his tragic death, it besides design is the financial brain of the company, that BTW is not going through their best moments although it remains. Today we present the proposal Versace for the next Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 within one week of the fashion of Milan. Continue reading

Versace and His Campaign for The Spring-Summer 2011

In the middle of Milan fashion week in which only see proposals for next winter, this campaign of Versace for the Spring-summer 2011 a ray of light may be (never better said) in the midst of the darkness of the Milan winter. While it is true that it seems that signature does not seem appropriate to highlight the male image in the photographs that make up the campaign, should recognize that their quality is pretty good. Continue reading

Zara, New Collection 2011 Off Charged Trends from Last Season

The crowd of new information that we are receiving about trends and fashion, collections, new acquisitions due to the different Fashion weeks you travel the world presenting collections Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012, from Mensencia we are going to make us eco also something relating to the national scene as the new season of Zara for the month of January 2011. Continue reading

What Happens Backstage before a Parade Time?

I’ve always been curious to know what is fed by the head to a designer hours before a parade. It must be a feeling similar to that we have felt all the hours before an important exam: nerves, that pass the bad time and above all, feeling the need of wanting to make the cut and make it well. Continue reading